Embedded C Developer - Electronic Love Story

A Small Love story of a Programmer Looks something like this:

It is always difficult to initialize (Introduction, First Talk to your lover), whether it is a love story or a Device / IC / simple C Program. You need have basic understanding & information regarding memory area in which it resides. (location where she study, words, lives). 

You need a deep study and understanding before Startup. You need to know the property (nature of girl) of the device (Girl).  You also need to study the how it is made (using which fabrication technology it is made, dimension, size, supported functionality, protocol).(Family background).. b4 going ahead.

Fabrication technology - Family Background, Family values, and nature


Which language She speaks and understand.
How many bits Controller: Rich (64 bits micro-controller, stylish, modern, HiFi) or Poor (Old fashion, reserve in nature, no more communication modes, fewer channels to speaks - less connection and friends).

In this brand name company (Surname or Famous personality) will help you.
If u are using the high-quality material or board, micro-controller, then but obliviously you need to spend more money. 

After you can go ahead with your Flow chart planning. (Trick and Techniques given by friends or generated within yourselves)

So I took help of my friend to initialize…. (So Now my board can boot up and I can communicate with that..)

But It was just a beginning, I don’t know There is the very long way to go…
During actually coding also I find many difficulties, So sometimes I have applied some patches instead of giving the actual solution. 

Fewer patches - Long run and stable product - Healthy Relationship

But You need to worry about time to release the product. you cannot take a long time. Sometimes it may happen that before you launch the product someone else will take your concept or product and lunches it earlier than you. 

Then you cannot do anything other than watching or wait for new product or idea to generate in you mind. 
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