Thread vs Process? What is difference between thread and process?

Threads Vs Process:

Here I have mentioned the basic difference between threads and process which is useful in many interviews. 

The process is the heavy weighted component. Each Process will execute in separate address space. It will not share memory and CPU time. Separate CPU time & memory will be allocated for each process. Processes can communicate to each other via InterProcess Communication (IPC). 

• Pipes
• Files
• Sockets

Thread is the light weighted component. The thread will be created inside the process. One process can have multiple threads to handle the different task. Different threads will share CPU time and memory allocated for the process. 

Context switching for a process is difficult than context switching for threads.

Process is protected from other processes via MMU (Memory Management Unit)
Threads can interfere with each other. 

Threads can be easily created while creation of new process required duplication of parent process

Threads can have control over other threads of a similar process while the process can have control over the child processes.

Change to the main thread will affect the other threads of the same process. while change to parent process doesn't affect child process.

Threads have direct access to a data segment of its own process. while process has its own copy of data segment of the parent process.

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