What is difference between Process and Thread?

Thread vs Process

  1. Thread is the subset of Process. A process can contain many threads in it.
  2. Thread share the memory address space & other resources which are allotted to the process by Kernel.
    • Thread will share file descriptor
    • The thread will share file system context.
    • Thread will share Signal handling
    • Most Processes will not share file descriptor
    • Processes will not share file system context.
    • Processes will not share Signal handling
  3. A Thread can directly communicate with other thread. A Process can communicate with other process using Inter Process Communication mechanism (IPC). Thread communication considerably simple & easy than Process communication. (Socket, Pipe, Message Queue, Shared Memory are the example of IPC)
  4. We can say thread have no overhead while process have considerable overhead.
  5. A thread can have control over other thread of the same process while the process can control its child process.
  6. A Change to the main thread can affect the other thread while change to parent process can not affect the child process.
  7. A thread can be considered as light weighted Process or component. 

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