Keep India Clean - "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan"

We always talk about "Swachh Bharat", Clean India. But we are not successful. Why?

Who is responsible "Government" or "We"

Off course "Government" is responsible to some extent but aren't we also responsible for that? 

Let's Check!! Let's answer some of the questions!!

  • Haven't you thrown the bottles and food waste from the train?
  • Do you feel that train is your second home for your journey?
  • Haven't you thrown the food waste or wrapper on the road any time?
  • Where do you though chewing gum, pan masala, cigarette wrapper? 
  • Did you though any items outside while travelling in Bus or by Car?
  • Where did through your household waste items?
  • Do you know where to though your household waste? 
  • Do you separate the plastic and non-plastic garbage?
  • Do you eat at tourist place? How many times you thrown the garbage in dustbin?
  • Did you visit any beach? Who is responsible for such garbage?
  • Where do you through tea cups after taking tea?
  • Did you through advertising pages on the road?
Don't through Garbage anywhere

Don't decide the place by yourself for the wastage and submit your garbage to wastage collector who is coming to your house. 

Don't blame Government and system always! 

  • Find the dustbin in the shop wherever you go and through the waste there.
  • Keep the place clean. 
  • Don't decide the place to through the garbage, let's government decide the place for garbage collection.
  • Keep the waste with you till you find dustbin if possible.

Be responsible and take your responsibility as we all are responsible for making India and our city clean and healthy. 


  • Install dustbin at your shop or place.
  • Encourage people through waste in dustbin.
  • Share the importance of clean India.

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