Robert Bosch Before Joining - FAQ

Note: This Question list is prepared based on the comments and mail received. 

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Que 1:

Medical test at joining day?

Ans 1:

Medical examination at Bosch is very basic and simple which involve:

  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Form filling for the past and current and past disease information
  • General checkup & height, weight measurement
  • ECG

For Eye check up, you need to go outside the Bosch campus. You need to get the clear eye certificate and submit to HR at the time of joining. Prasad Hospital near to Forum mall is the nearest eye hospital for eye checkup. 

Que: 2 
How to Calculate on hand salary from CTC?

Ans: 2
It is simple to calculate the approx on hand salary per month based on certain assumption. 

  • Bonus amount is equal to 10% of your total CTC
  • Your Income Tax deduction is not calculated as its depends on your investment. 
  • PF deduction is approximated value

Example 1: 
Your CTC amount = 6 lacs
CTC - bonus (Yearly) = 6.0 lacs - 0.6 lacs = 5.4 lacs
Approx month amount: 540,000 / 12 = 45,000
Actual on hand with Income Taxt Deduction: 45,000 - 4,000 = 41,000

Example 2: 
Your CTC amount = 8 lacs
CTC - bonus (Yearly) = 8.0 lacs - 0.8 lacs = 7.2 lacs
Approx month amount: 720,000 / 12 = 60,000
Actual on hand with Income Taxt Deduction: 60,000 - 5,000 = 55,000

Que 3: 
When can I ask for joining Bonus?

Ans 3: 
It purely depends on your case, however, you can ask for joining bonus in two generic cases

If your expected CTC is higher than what they offer you & you have not accepted the offer.
If you are ready to join the company before 3 months of the notice period or ready to join immediately.

Joining Bonus in not part of your CTC. It is the one-time bonus for joining the company. If you leave the company before serving certain period then a company can ask you to give that money back. 

Que 4: 
Which Company you can join after joining the Bosch. 

Ans 4:
As you know Bosch is an Automotive Company, so it will easy for you to join the other automotive company which work on similar product and platform.

Some of the example company are:
  • Tech Mahindra, Continental, LEAR, KPIT.
  • L & T ITS, Wipro, Honeywell
  • Autoliv, JLR, BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, Nissan
However, it depends on which technology you are working. You can also switch to other company where similar technology is used. In that case it could be any company like Intel, Freescale, Microchip etc.,

Que 5:
Higher Education support from company?

Ans 5:
Yes, Bosch provide the facilities from higher education to their employee, however you need to contact your PM - Project Manager and DH - Department head for this. And DH will decide to approve it or not. If company feels that it would be better if you go for higher studies then they will approve it. There are certain criteria to be fulfilled before applying. 

Bosch has type will bits Pilani and some other reputed college for this. However, there will be very few employee opting for higher study from the company as you need to serve the company for two years after completing your study. 

Que 6: 
How about Cultural Events in Robert Bosch ?

Ans 6: 
Bosch conducts cultural event at regular for different categories. They have cultural program called "Sansruti" which includes dancing, skit, singing solo performance, music performance etc.,

There will be annual department function which also involve all these cultural events, which provides very good platform to show your talent. 

Que 7:
Onsite Opportunity at Robert Bosch?

Ans 7: 
This is most frequently asked question on my blog for some the article on my blog. This is million dollar question as there is no direct answer to this question. It will always depend on many factors. Some of the factor are listed below.

  • Your relationship with your manager.
  • Expertise and skill level for the task.
  • Your dependency for the project.  
  • Manager trust level on you to handle the assigned task.
  • Your communication skill and approach to the customer. 
  • You relationship with client. 
  • The current phase of the project.
  • Customer requirement.
  • And last "YOUR LUCK"
  • Time when you join the company.
  • Replacement of the person if applicable

Que 8:
Level mentioned in offer letter is "Level" is 52. Does it have some special meaning ?

Ans 8:
Level 52 is Specialist. Specialist is equivalent to Team lead in other company. Where you need to work individually or can lead the team. The next promotion level is architect in Robert Bosch. I have mentioned the complete hierarchical level. You need to have around 5 years of experience to get this level in an offer letter. 

Que 9: 
How much can I expect bonus per year in Robert Bosch ?

In variable part of Pay-EAV, it is written as "Company performance related Pay(1.0)/Company Goal Achievement(EAV Rating 1.0), and the amount is approximately 1/10 of my CTC.

Ans 9: 
You need to consider the package as rating 3 by default. If you perform extremely good then only you will get rating 1 which is possible in the special case. So you can assume your package with rating 3, 3+ or 2 to avoid the surprise at letter stage towards the end of the year. In most cases you will get the bonus higher than the amount mentioned in your offer letter for the particular rating you hold. As compared to another company Bosch is transparent to give the correctly committed bonus amount to an employee. 

Que 10:
Time to get bonus and appraisal? 

Ans 10:
You will the get the bonus in February month salary. You will get the appraisal letter on 1st April of the year and updated salary will be given to the employee in April salary itself. 

Que 11:
Do I get the bonus, if I leave the company?

Ans 11: 
Yes, Bosch will give the Bonus amount to their employee after leaving company also. You will get the amount at the end of  the may month of the year. The bonus amount is calculated based on the number of the month you served in the company the year. 

Que 12:

Document Verification on Joining day? 

Ans 12:

Bosch has more focus on document verification and requirement original certificate to show them on joining day. They require all the experience and relieving certificates from the past employee. Many times they will verify the address also where lived and worked also. If you don't have complete document then they may ask you to come to next joining cycle day to join the company with all the required certificates. 

So be prepared with all the certificates (original + xerox) mentioned by them to submit while joining. 

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