Travel Guidance and Management System

It is always surprising when will travel in the package tour. It is highly required to communicate call the require details to travels before the tour begins. To get the customer satisfaction, we need to provide the clear details and assist the traveler whenever to require.  Unclear details and surprise can lose the customer trust. And at the end lose in business as the customer will not come back again.  
We can build strong system by will we can pass the all the details in highly precise & technical way to make the customer happy. 

System Overview: 

As package tour always has fixed destination and fixed timing for each place. We can have the client-server application based on any operating system.  
Client Application needs to be installed in traveler’s handset-mobile phone. If travelers do not have a smartphone then travels can receive the alerts on his mobile. In necessary condition device with required software will be provided to tourist – instrument which is capable of receiving and transmitting the required information any point during journey.  

The message will be sent before 5 minutes of completion of hold time at the particular destination. GPS capable phone can receive alerts. A traveler can see the destination photos in the app. With the complete detail of schedule and break timings. Hotel, room, facilities details can be checked in the app.  
Coming destination: 

Alert for next coming destination will be sent to the client system.  

KEY Features 

·     Welcome, Message! With Welcome Speech. 
·    Map guidance will be provided for the complete journey.  Break timing will be highlighted for each stop.  
·     Pop-up (highlighted) for coming destination with speech and sample photos for the destination. Upload facilities for travelers to contribute.  
·    Information, alerts and safety instruction will be provided at each and every stage of the journey. (Required Stuff before traveling. Special tips for traveling) 
·    SMS sent for Break timing, Reporting time (Break end indication), and emergency announcement.  
·         Traveler can also send SMS for emergency & help condition.  
·         Map guidance with Indication of break timing with destination photos. 
·         Schedule time & Rescheduled time indication via Message.  
·         Journey Demo Videos and Animated Business videos available for customers in the devices.  
·         Loadable route for each tour plan.  
·         Customize route and destination (Customize package) on request.  
·         Price and contact details for each package.  
·         Image / Text / Video broadcast facilities.  
·         GPS tracking for each traveler. (Enable / Disable as per client need) 
·     Hotel and Vehicle information (Facilities/Review/comments/photos) for sightseeing at each destination.  
·         Dynamic route editing facilities based on a request.  
·         Shorted route algorithm for multi-destination input of customer choice.  

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