Top 100+ Creative Logo Design

Logo Creation is an Art. I love this art and I appreciate the creativity involved to make kind of Excellent logo design. I don't know the name of each designer, but I know the hidden message behind each logo. 

So let's start with each logo and its hidden message.

Freedom: Here "hidden bird in M" indicate the freedom.

Corporate Bowling: Three bowls represent the corporate world with "Tie".

Portrait Photos: Camera with hidden "Man" Symbol.

Pause: U created for Pause.

Book Cover Cafe: Cup and Book in the same logo. 

Moon: Moon is created with four moons. 

Bird Love: Heart with two birds. 

Code Fish: Fish is created with all the symbol used for coding in the software language. 

Le De Tour France: Person driving the cycle - "R" is the Man and "O"  is the Second wheel.

Toblerone: hidden Bear inside. (Highlighted in current symbol)

No Kid Hungry: Man & Child. 

PITTSBURGH ZOO: Gorilla and Python in opposite side of the tree. 

Lock Key: Key inside Lock.

8 Fish: 4 fish + 4 (hidden fish in the symbol)

Owl Created with Two Hands.

Motherhood Hospital: "OO" creates child and mother. 

ForkWire: Fork created with wires. 

Safe hands: Symbol "S" with two hands. (One on each side of S)

BLACK CAT: One of my Favorite, Look at both "C" and you can look at eyes of the CAT.

KOLNER ZOO: "Hidden animals inside Elephants".

BEE: "B" with many "Bee".

Night Golf: Moon cum Golf ball.

EIGHT 20: This requires knowledge of the binary system to understand the symbol.

EIGHTY: 101 0000 in binary.
TWENTY:   1 0100 in binary.

Formula 1 Race: 1 indicates the SPEED.

Eight: Eight is written with four "8", look at each alphabet. 

Continental: Look at "C" carefully, you can see type in 3D - three dimensions.

Egg with Spoon inside Alphabet "e".

Goodwill: Happy face in "g".

HELPING HANDS FOR PETS: Animal inside animals. 

Magic Coffee: Cup cum HAT. (that's magic)

Families: you can see family members in families. (Husband, wife and child)

Flight Finder: Two opposite "F" creates the "Flight" symbol. 

BEARHANDED: bear cum hand. 

Barcode: Bar + Code.

Sun microsystem: Excellent symbol, You can look at four "SUN" with the help of "TWO" Sun in each direction. 

Code Chief: Chief with coding symbols. 

Killed: horizontal - "i" is sleeping... KILLED.

Common Floor: "C" + "F" indicates your key for your house. 

LION Bird: You can see LION inside a bird. 

Organ Donation: My favorite. "Gift" your organ. 

Qualcomm: "Q" is the mixer of "0" and "1" represents a binary system. 

NBC: Hidden peacock. 

MOTHER: Baby inside "O" - mother womb.

Five 10: Its both "5" and "10", look at with different angle. you can see both. 

Octave: looks like "8tave"... "8" represents "O" + "C" below.

8 FISH: 4 + 4 hidden fish. 

Wildfire: Fire Symbol with "W"

ZIP: "I" represents "zip".

Inequality: Two lines is not equal.

AVID: Music Player "Keys" 

247: Do you see "27" only... 4 is hidden in between "2" and "7". 

Fork Knife: Fork + Knife. 

Fold it: Paper fold "F".

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