Method and format for Automatic Naming of Recorded Audio Clips

Generally we will record some audio clip and it will be stored in our mobile or any other device which has inbuilt memory to save the data. Many times we will confuse to open the file, as we don’t know the file, all files will be in date and time format. You will not know when you have recorded. To search the required file, you need to play all the files one by one to identify the right audio clip as there is no proper format to save the audio files is available. To make it more easy and systematic, it is required to place a proper format to save the audio clips.  

Solution to this is very simple. Once we record the file voice will be recorded. While saving the file, voice recognition will start to detect starting a string of the voice. This starting voice string will be converted to text and file will be saved with text and date. The user can have control to text length.   
To minimize the time to save, it is required to save the clip with date and time format first and then it will active the voice recognition-based software to identify the initial words of the communication to save the file.  

Language specific text can be recorded as English text.  (All the language is supported - Hindi, Gujarati with English words) 

The user has full control to choose the method of saving. Let take the example of any mobile. Generally we have three categories to record voice clips.  

  • Call Recording 
  • FM recording 
  • Voice Clip recording from any application. 

To make it easier, we can save the file with specified format.  
  • Incoming / Outgoing / APP / NA – Not applicable 
  • Application name  
  • Number of user involved (other than you) with type (Incoming/Outgoing)  
Name can be collected from the contact information available. If not available then the mobile number will be taken to save the file.  
  • Starting voice string (Length can be configurable by user) 
  • Date and time (format can be configured by user) 

For Example if you have recorded an incoming call using dialer application then it will save the file as 
  • Incoming Call: 
  • Outgoing Call: 
  • Skype Call: 
  • WhatsApp Audio Clip: 
Rx_ WhatsApp_Papa_Hello_dear_how_do_you_do_11:40_250513.amr 
  • Recorder Audio Clip: 
NA_ Recorder_Papa_Hello_dear_how_do_you_do_11:40_250513.amr 
  • FM Audio Clip: 
NA_ FM_91.9_Tera_Mera_rishta_11:40_250513.amr 

Users have full control to avoid any parameter to make the file name: 

  • date (support different format) 
  • time (support different format) 
  • Opening/Closing Voice text/String.  
  • User id / Phone number / Contact name 
  • Application name. 
  • The maximum length of voice string. 
  • Position for a different parameter.  

If any of the parameters is not available for recording then it will be not used for formatting the name of the file.

For example for FM application, there will be no user id or phone. Then Instead of the Phone number and user id station name (or frequency of the station) can be used for making the name of the file.  
This can be applied to video file also. But as we can see the snap of the video it is really not required to rename the file. This can be applied to FM recording or any voice-based recording.   

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