IDEA Generation Workshop

Idea 1: 
Call, SMS, Cost, Duration statistics for mobile phone 

1. What problem are you trying to solve? Call / SMS statistics for mobile phone.  

2. What is the solution? Generally people will not bother about the bills as there is the list of numbers and duration of the call is mentioned in the bills rather than the name of the person. This measurement is valid only if it give various statistics to the user. Statistics could be STD vs Local usage in terms of minute and number of calls. Highest total call duration with the person for the particular month. To achieve this simple mechanism is required, as a bill is already available in either pdf or word format. Now software is required to convert this numbers with names available in the mobile phone. The so simple application can do such functionality. This gives a user the better understanding of his/her usage. There could many other statistics which can be customized by a user as well. So a user can choose the available option and graph format to print the statistics.  

3. What is the existing solution? There is no mechanism available to replace the number with names. Hard copy and soft copy of the bills will be available for a user.  

4. Why should we invest in it? Can be sold to network service provider like Vodafone, Airtel, etc., 

Idea 2: 

1. What problem are you trying to solve? Mechanism to know best driving style to get maximum mileage.  
2. What is the solution? It is highly required to know the mileage provided by vehicle. To get the actual value, we need fuel burnt and distance traveled. Vehicle knows both of this parameter. It is possible that mileage will vary based on different driving condition like, speed, road condition, breaks and many others. To get know the behavior it is required to print the graph of speed vs time, or to print the fuel consumption at the end of journey. This will the driver to get the actual value for fuel consumption for the journey and how to improve the mileage for the vehicle. Accordingly driver can choose the road and driving style to get the maximum mileage. (Graph display (speed vs fuel, speed vs time, speed, vs location) & save will be best option to analyze & improve the mileage.  
3. What is the existing solution? No mechanism available to analyze the mileage for driver.  
4. Why should we invest in it? Improved mileage, more sale.  

Idea 3: 

1. What problem are you trying to solve? 

Sometimes we forget to fill the petrol which can cause the serious issue due to improper indication of remaining fuel in the tank.  

2. What is the solution? 

Fuel indicator should indicate the approximated distance it can travel with refilling it. To get the real measurement. We should know the minimum mileage for the given vehicle. Mileage can be easily measured by fuel consumption and distance traveled. We can print the graph of mileage in terms of timing. Once minimum or average mileage is measured it is easy to predict the number of kilometer it can travel with available fuel. So it is better to indicate the remaining fuel in terms of kilometer it can travel. If navigation system is available in the vehicle then it should automatically indicate (warning) the nearest petrol bunk to avoid the problem due to lack of petrol.  

3. What is the existing solution? 

Fuel Indicator in vehicle. Currently fuel indicator shows the remaining percentage of the fuel. It will not show the approximated distance it can travel with remaining fuel.  

4. Why should we invest in it? Simple and cheap solution to implement.  

Idea 4: 

1. What problem are you trying to solve? Alarm clock to wake you up in morning.  

2. What is the solution? It is an open loop system. To make it close loop we need to confirm the wake up of the person. We can confirm the wakeup in different ways. The confirmation methods will vary based on the person habit of daily routine. It is depend on the next task person used to do after waking up. So the device which is going to be used after waking up can give the confirmation. There could be any device which can give the confirmation to make the close loop. Some example of are given below.  
  • By measuring the weight on the bed. (Know your weight check for the weight)  
  • By looking at mirror in bathroom. (Alarm is connected with mirror, once confirmed signal is sent from mirror then only it will stop alarming)   
  • Touch to toothbrush. (Toothbrush will confirm the wake up of the person)  

3. What is the existing solution? Analog and digital alarm clock is available in market.  

4. Why should we invest in it? It is creative enough and it can help to many people who has problem to wake up early in the morning.  

Idea 5: 

1. What problem are you trying to solve? While driving it is not safe to answer the call. If we answer there will be high chance of accident even though it is urgent and important to answer the call. For condition can be worse for the salesperson and courier delivery boy where need to travel a lot at the same time they need to answer the call as well. Similar condition can happen for cab driver. So we need safe mechanism to answer the urgent & important call while driving.  

2. What is the solution? Vehicle Mobile Interactive System is the device while will help the driver to answer the call considering the safety issue. This device/concept can be applicable to all the vehicle available in market. First I will give you the example for 2 wheeler as for car and other device mechanism is available. We keep our mobile in pocket while driving. We wear the helmet for the protection. We control the vehicle handle to control the direction and speed of the vehicle. Mobile, Helmet and 2 wheeler will start connect & interacting with each other by detecting the driving start condition. (Connectivity can be based on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or any other protocol) Now 2 wheeler mobile and helmet is connected. Helmet should have provision of speaker near to ear of the driver and mic near to mouth of the driver. 2 wheeler has provision of display the screen of the mobile on the indicator. In 2 wheeler they will be a provision for small joy stick to control the mobile. So now once someone will call on the mobile number of driver, there will be display available on the 2 wheeler to indicate the calling person. Answer can be selected from joystick. Helmet will be used for voice transmit and reception. It can be also be useful to listen to the music which is stored in mobile.  

3. What is the existing solution? Bluetooth connectivity is available in CAR to get the mobile data / screen on the car display. I check for Bluetooth helmet, I found that it is available to buy from many online site. 

4. Why should we invest in it? Can be sold  to many companies.  

Idea 6:  
1.What problem are you trying to solve? Automatic turn ON-OFF lamp of 2 wheeler vehicle. 
2.What is the solution? Turning ON-OFF can be decided based on two conditions:  
  •  Light intensity in the outside atmosphere.  
  •  Current Time It may need simple circuit based on LDR to detect the light intensity which is very cheap in cost.  
3.What is the existing solution? Manual ON-OFF mechanism. 4.Why should we invest in it? Simple & cheap solution.  

Idea 7: 
Shared Taxi Booking:  

1. What problem are you trying to solve? Transport issue. Sharing transport mechanism.  

2. What is the solution? Centralize transport mechanism. Currently we have different cab service available at our door step using mobile application. But still everyone cannot afford the cost of cab. As it is bit higher than bus transport. Sharing transport will be always cheaper as compare to vehicle for individual. In country like India sharing mode of transport is popular from old days. We need to have system, using which we can book the sharing transport. The simplest way to indicate that the cab or vehicle is available to book is to put the indicator on the top of the vehicle. This mechanism is already working in many countries. Other method using technology is to book the sharing vehicle using the software or mobile application. There should be provision to book for individual as well to book as sharing vehicle. If the vehicle is booked as sharing vehicle then the information related to sharing will be available for the person who is interested to book the same vehicle on sharing basis. (The information like, number of passenger traveling currently, from & to location, max number of passenger allowed in the vehicle, available seat for sharing, language facility for the next passenger, type of vehicle) Based on the available information next person can select to book the vehicle if agrees to the available and fare charged for the same. This can either apply to cab service provider like (Uber, Meru, OLA or any other). If it is centralize over the city or country then it can serve as very effective solution. Now Here we have two booking method:  
1. Individual booking.  
2. Sharing booking.  
  • First sharing. (Price for the first booking will be higher than second booking)  
  • Second sharing. (direct book and pickup can be done, based on availability in nearby location using GPS and Google Map )  
  • Less traffic problem.  
  • Less price needs to pay by individual.  
  • Earning for the transport service provider will be more.  

3. What is the existing solution? Manual sharing system available.  

4. Why should we invest in it? Can be sold out to many transport service provider.  

Idea 8: 

1. What problem are you trying to solve? There may be many situation where we miss the call due to some activity. On reason will be driving the vehicle. Because of problem we are not able to get the information. Person may not contact us again if it is not really required. So information will not be transferred to us & we failed to convey the reason for not attending the call also.  

2. What is the solution? Automatic message sending saying "Person is driving the vehicle, please call after some time" can solve out purpose. This condition can be detected based on the information available from the different sensors which will identify the driving condition (based on speed, xyz coordinate). There are different mode of travelling (Walk, Run, Cycle, Bike, Car, and Bus). We can detect the mode of traveling by measuring speed. We need to send the auto reply only if person is not able to answer the call (missed call). There should be option in phone to enable this option. If person doesnâ¿¿t want to auto answer then he can keep this option disable. By default it is disabled.  

3. What is the existing solution? Auto answers as a generic solution. 

4. Why should we invest in it? Can be New Features in mobile phone. 

Idea 9: 

1.What problem are you trying to solve? There are many ways available to display the required POI on the navigation. But It is always difficult to provide the POI only in which driver is interested. This can be solve using below solution by which we can get required POI at right time.  

2.What is the solution? To solve this we can use the information available with google in google search history. We mostly search the required or related information before travelling to the destination. While traveling also we require such information on the go. To make it more easy we need the information on which we have searched in past. Those information we can get easily using google search history keyword. So now we can print the POI which has similar keyword which we have searched in past. So now we are getting required POI an at right time.  

3.What is the existing solution? POI based on different conditions (There are many patents available)  

4.Why should we invest in it? Most interesting feature in navigation.  

Idea 10: 

1. What problem are you trying to solve? Currently it is difficult to select different images which you want to delete or move to another location. We need to select the images one by one which will take a long time to perform this operation on android or any other phone/device. If users donâ¿¿t delete those files/images then it will occupy the unnecessary space. This will lead to performance degradation.  

2. What is the solution? Smart / easy to select the required files is needed feature which can consume less time in selecting required object files using touch. Probable selection mechanism is shown in attached word file. Where selection can be done based on touch lines or touch pattern. Touch pattern can be of any shape. Selection is performed for the files on which touch lines are passed/drawn.  
Gallery view in mobile to display and select the different number of images to perform the different operation on it (Move, Delete, copy, share, etc.,) Here arrow and other lines is used to select the different files/images to perform the different operation on it.  After selection a of bulk number the of file, an operation is performed on all the selected files. 

3. What is the existing solution? Currently, One by one selection of the required files is available. 

4. Why should we invest in it? This can serve a good feature in all the touch related devices.  

Idea 11: 

1. What problem are you trying to solve? In country like India we are spending huge amount of money and time to check the driving license of the driver. This should be way to auto-confirm the license availability of driver.  

2. What is the solution? There are many ways available to prevent unlicensed driving. To avoid such condition vehicle should have provision to insert the card which will confirm validity of the license. (This can be done either online or offline depending any method). Online Validation: It will connect with the RTO database the search for the license number in entire database. If it is found valid then it will allow the access to drive the vehicle. This way only license holder person can only drive the vehicle. You can also disable online validation if you donâ¿¿t want. There will be indication light available on a vehicle which will indicate that validation is done and person hold the valid license. The license can be removed at the end of the journey only. Or it can be removed after validation. The user can choose the validation method. This validation indication will help police to identify the unlicensed user. Offline Validation: Image of the license will be captured and stored in the local database available in the vehicle which can be referred at time for validation.  

3. What is the existing solution? Manual License checking done by police.  

4. Why should we invest in it? Can change the system of license management and process of validation of license with great profit. 

Idea 12: 

1.What problem are you trying to solve? Due to WiFi enable battery will not last for more time. Generally we forget to disable the WiFi while leaving the home. So device will try to search for WiFi and due to that it will consume battery power.  

2.What is the solution? Device should automatically disable the WiFi if device is not able to search & connect to the WiFi device during predefined time. Max time can be configurable by user. so user can enable or disable this feature as per need. user can specify the time also depending on requirement.  

3.What is the existing solution? No  

4.Why should we invest in it? It can serve as value added feature for the device.  

Idea 13: 

1. What problem are you trying to solve? Traffic is one of the biggest problem in major city. So it is difficult to choose the route while traveling 

2. What is the solution? Selection of route is based on traffic history of same day and same time. In city like Bangalore and other metro city, traffic is big issue. Where it is desirable to get less traffic route than heavy traffic or medium traffic route. So route selection can be done in such a way to avoid such traffic routes. This will be very much helpful to reach the destination in less time. We have historical data which provides the traffic lines on the road. An option will be provided to user to avoid the traffic areas. It might be possible that less traffic route is longer than heavy traffic route. Option â¿¿ Avoid traffic (heavy / medium)  

3. What is the existing solution? Possibly this solution is available in Patent US 6615133 B2, Then we can close this idea immediately. But still I have not seen this idea running on any device.  

4. Why should we invest in it? Can be useful to find out the best possible route to reach in less time.  

Idea 14: 
Helmet cum umbrella: 

1.What problem are you trying to solve? 
While driver two wheeler if rain comes then you have problem.  

2.What is the solution? 
While driving two wheeler it is compulsory to wear helmet. So everyone carry the helmet along with him. Then we can have attachable, detachable umbrella to helmet which can solve this issue. It is very simple to protect yourself while driving a bike of scooter. Umbrella can be any shape and any material based on customer need. There should be switch on helmet to turn on and turn off this umbrella as needed. Height, width, and length can be selected in a such way that it could protect the driver along with safety criteria of helmet as well (can be oval or rectangle in shape). Folding design can be done to reduce to make it portable. There should be some distance between umbrella and helmet (small pipe can be used to keep the distance). 

3.What is the existing solution? 
Wait in corner for the rain to stop. 

4.Why should we invest in it? 
New product. Can be sold in bulk 

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