Broadcasting of Traffic & Vehicle Number Information

1. What problem are you trying to solve? 

Improper visibility of traffic signals. In the country like India where roads are small and traffic is more. It is difficult for a driver to look at traffic signal light while driving. It is very difficult if a driver is new to that road and traffic is more. In such case possibility of breaking the traffic, a rule is high due to improper placement of traffic lights or due to lack of place. And it can create the possibility of the accident as well. To avoid such case, it is required to notify the driver about the traffic signal lights and counts prior to some distance.  

2. What is the solution? 

Communication between vehicle and traffic poles is required to exchange the information required between vehicle and traffic poles which can be a helpful further investigation to find out the root cause the accident as well.  

Broadcasting of Traffic signal information:  

In most of the case, It is always difficult for the driver to watch the road the find out the traffic signal while driving. If a driver is running with good speed then it can create an opportunity of an accident also. To avoid such condition, it is necessary to notify the driver about the current status of the nearest traffic signal.  

We can broadcast the current status of the traffic signal till 200 to 400 meters as required. Traffic signal status can be broadcasted using any wireless communication.  On highways, it is advisable to keep more distance. As the possibility of vehicle speed is more. In the city area, we can keep it little less as compare to highways.   

Helmet consists of transmitting / receiving circuit and capable of transmitting and receiving the broadcasted signal with distance, direction and status of the traffic signal. 

Broadcasting User Vehicle number information:  

Certainly it is highly required to broadcast the vehicle number information to traffic poles. It can help in many cases. It can be used in the identification of crime as vehicle numbers and time record is available at traffic poles with traffic cameras.  

3. What is the existing solution? 

No communication between vehicle and traffic signals poles.  

4. Why should we invest in it? 

This new feature can be an application to many high-end cars.  

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