Automatic Turn Indicator using GPS Navigation Device

1. What problem are you trying to solve?

Many times driver will forget to Turn ON or OFF the turn indicator while taking LEFT or RIGHT turn. Which can result in the accident. There should be the proper mechanism which guaranteed this indication. It means it is required to have automatic turn indication for a vehicle. 

2. What is the solution?

While driving we need to provide the indication in which direction we are going to move. There are few methods available which are based on vehicle movement (wheel movement) but it quite complex to implement. While there is easy way available to in case of navigation is running in the vehicle. While navigation is running driver will follow the route based on the navigation device. There is notification voice message is available in most of the navigation device to notify the driver about next turn with distance information. The same input can be used and transmitted start indicating the turn. Turn indication can be disabled again based on navigation status.

It is required to turn on the indicator before taking the turn in a specific direction. This method is only applicable to those higher end cars where Navigation is inbuilt and part of the system. In a case of external GPS Navigation devices, the new method is required to transmit the information to the system to indicate the turn on the Turn indicates. 

3. What is the existing solution?
Manual Turn ON / OFF indicator to indicate the next turn.

4. Why should we invest in it?
Easy to implement in navigation enabled cars.
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