Top 50+ Amazing Creative Logo Ever Created in History

Collection 1:

Horror Films: 
This logo is one of my favorite logos. It is very much creative and simply created with 3 circle inside one big circle.

Eagle is created in Letter 'E'. 

E is Ignored in the word Ignore to indicate the Importance of Ignore Logo.

Collection 2:

Sony VAIO:
In this LOGO, First Part indicate "Analog Signal" and the second part to represent digital 1 and 0s.

Bird Love: 
The logo is created with the help of two birds on top and bottom. 

The horse is with the simple strip of lines.

Food Writer:
Spoon is created inside the Pen. The wonderful logo with impressive creativity.

Collection 3:

Catch Me:
A helping hand and falling man symbol together in single logo.

Book Cover Cafe:
Mag with Book Symbol.

Coffee Nights:
Moon is created inside Coffee Mug to indicate the Night.

Moon is made of all the moon symbol. 

The mixture of Cow and Zebra with black strip in Cow. 

The F is tilted to make the Aeroplan. 

The four egg is arranged to make 'g' in Egg. 

Collection 4:

Collection 5:

Collection 6:

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