What is Blog? How to start to make money from blogging? Blogging FAQ

What is Blog? What is Blogger?

The blog is kind of website where you can write articles and published it on the internet. The person who writes the articles is called blogger. The complete activity is called as blogging. In many cases, Writer is named as Publisher as a writer is going to publish the articles. 

How much can I earn from my blog? 

Actual earning will vary and not certain. It depends on many factors. To say it directly, if more people are looking the information on which you have written then you will get more views and finally your earning will be more. To be generic, you can make around 2$ - 5$ per 1000 views. The number of views depends on the popularity the topic, the list of the available article on the same topics and the off course the quality of the content written by you. However, you can see the top blogger in India is earning more than 4 lacs per month. Just google it more information. Harsh Agrawal is one of the top bloggers in India. 

How do I earn from a blog? How to start blogging? 

To start blogging, you need to choose the blogging platform. Blogger (from Google) and WordPress are the most popular blogging platform. Both has its own pro and cons. To initially start blogging, I would suggest you to choose the blogger as it is easy to start with. You just need to create your account and start publishing the article on your favorite topics on which you have expertise.  

Does a length of article matters? 

Yes, length of the article matters a lot. You need to write the complete, and in-depth on the topic to get more traffic. As you the user can get the all required information at the same place. However small written information will be available at many places. Small length articles will be considered as low-quality articles and will not catch the much organic search engine traffic. Blogger doesn't require web hosting while WordPress require web hosting.  There is more customization option available in WordPress which is required build much professional website or blog.  

What is domain?  

The domain is a name of the site. Like facebook.com, flipkart.com etc., It is very much easy to buy the domain. There are numbers of a site available on the internet to buy the domain at the very cheap rate starting from 99 rs.  

What is a difference between .com site and .blogspot.com site? 

You can replace the custom domain with your .blogspot.com. There are many advantages of custom domain over Blogspot domain. A custom domain is more SEO friendly than Blogspot URL. However, there are many disadvantages as well. The benefits depend on time at which you are migrating from BlogSpot URL to custom URL. If 

What is google Adsense? 

Google is advertising network, which will connect publisher will advertise and vice versa. As a Publisher, you need Google Adsense account start advertising on your blog or site.  

How do I get google AdSense? 

To apply for google AdSense you need to have blog or website with some traffic to your site. However, the traffic requirement is not specified by google but according to my understanding it is required to have the minimum of 10 quality articles with around 2K views monthly. Certainly it is required that you blog the must be 6-month-old in many of Asian country including India. 

How do I show ads on my blog page? 

After getting AdSense account, you can create the ad code from AdSense (in my ads section) or you can also use Adsense widget available in blogger. The other method to display will be to place the HTML code in the sidebar using widget available in blogger.  

Is there any alternative of google AdSense? 

There are numbers of alternative available other than google AdSense to start advertising on your blog. However, the payment and earning will be less compare to AdSense for other advertisers.  

What is PageRank & Alexa rank? 

There are numbers of widget available to check the PageRank of your site. The Pagerank starting from 0 to 9. The bigger number is good. Alexa rank is ranking the site around the world. You can also see the ranking within specified country. The Lower number is good.  

What is webmaster tool? 

It is required to link / register your site in google and bing webmaster tool. You need to submit the sitemap for your blog to get more search engine traffic. To link your site you need to follow the simple steps. 

What is google analytics? 

Certainly it is required to analyze the traffic source and behavior of the traffic to your site to catch more customers of a viewer to a site. It is required to understand this behavior to decide the further plan for improvement.

What is affiliation programs? 

Affiliation program is kind of program where you can advertise the related products on your articles. For example, the Flipkart and Amazon affiliate program is very much famous in India. Which means you can show the Flipkart product ads in your blog pages. You can avail the commission if someone will purchase from the site by clicking on the ad displayed on your blog.  

How much time is required to get the Adsense? 

If you are good in writing, probably then it will take much time for you, just write 10 to 15 quality articles then you are ready to apply for AdSense. Some people it may take a week or in a worse condition it can many months also. 

How many article is required before requesting for google AdSense? 

There is specific value to apply for AdSense, however, it is required to get the consistent view to your site before applying for AdSense. You can also create your account in HubPages to write articles. Then you can apply for Adsense account from HubPages. People say that it is easy to get AdSense approval on HubPages.  

What is the minimum traffic required to get the AdSense? 

Again, there is no specific requirement mentioned but it is required to get around more than 2000 - 3000 views per months. If articles appear in search results then you can easily get 5K views monthly. Check with related keywords in search engine and see the weather your article is coming in the search result on not. 

How can I increase my views? 

This is million dollar question, there is no direct answer to this question available, However, there are many tricks to and tips you can try to increase the traffic to your site. There is no magic you can do to increase it overnight. It is not allowed to buy traffic to your site as well. Also, it is not allowed to use an automatic software to increase your site. 

Can I use an article making software? 

No, It is not allowed. 

What is allowed to use in my blog article? 

What is not allowed to use in my blog article? 

What is HubPages?  

Hubpages is an article submission site where you can write & publish the article on different topics. HubPages has affiliation program from eBay, Amazon to get extra earning along with AdSense. You can apply for Adsense from Hubpages as well. Hubpages require a high-quality article to submit on the site. 

Is there any alternative of blogger?  

There are many alternative to blogger which pay you equally good as AdSense. 
Google Adsense Alternative

What, are the different blogging platform?  

Most popular platforms are: Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Typepad,  Drupal, vBulletin, phpBB. 

Drag and Drop Blogging Platform: Wix, Weebly

What are Disqus and commentLuv?  

These both are a most popular commenting system you can find on many blogs. Disqus require google, facebook or twitter login to comment on the article. Comment Luv has an advantage that you can put the link to your blog while commenting on another blog. 

How do I get more comments? 

Ask opinion at the end of the article to engage at the end of your article. Market and share your article to related people and community to 

What are backlinks? 

How many ads are allowed in pages? 

How do I receive my payment from google Adsense? 

What is the template? What is important of a responsive template in the blogging world?  

What is site map? 

What is Alexa? Why should I know my traffic?  

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