Method of Synchronization Between Mobile Phones

The method of synchronization between mobile phones. 

Nowadays we are frequently changing our mobiles. Due to that backup of data and contact is most important to be done regularly. This method will solve the issue related to back up your data while moving or changing one mobile to another mobile.  

US8301197 describe the method of synchronizing the contact of SIM card and phone book memory contact. Which can be extended and apply to two different devices also? The device can be either mobile or other electronic device which is capable of storing contact, application, personal data, and media content. 

There is a limitation to store the number of the contact in SIM card.  In many SIM, the storage capacity is 250 only. In such case a user cannot store his complete list of contact in SIM. In such case phone to phone, synchronization is necessary to automatically create the backup of all the contact in the mobile. So if the user wants to switch to other mobile he can switch to new mobile easily. 
In US8301197, It is mentioned that memory calculation is done after the copy is done. Memory check should be done at the beginning of data transfer. So if there is insufficient memory at destination then the user can select the data which he wants to copy to the destination. After the copy is done it would difficult for a user to delete the data and copy it again. 

Detailed description together with alternative embodiments/examples: 

Synchronization of two mobiles depends on the OS running on the source and target destination mobile.  

If both the OS is same then Application and contact synchronization can be done easily.  Video, audio & other personal files synchronization will be restricted to a size of memory available in destination mobile. 

Currently, mobile phones supporting Import & export contact to memory card features. It can be used, but it has many disadvantages: 

  1. Contact backup cannot be done frequently. 
  1. People want to do the backup it is not reliable & easy. 
  1. Require computer of the laptop. (If backup is removed from laptop or computer then data cannot be recovered.) 
  1. One way sync. From computer to mobile. So if user by mistake deleted the data in computer then it will be deleted from mobile while sync is in process. (Loss of data) 
  1. Duplicate & conflict management for contact is not observed while copy from source to destination. This will result in duplicate, more memory usage, or loss of data.  
  1. There is no concept of private contact or data. 
  1. No check for the country code while copy contact which result in duplicate contact. 

In marketing organization having many employees working for different clients. It is necessary for all employees to have the contact number of the each client. In such case, contact sync will be very much helpful it can be done. In an office contact and related data can be sync automatically. 

Contacts save option: 

  1. Phone memory 
  1. SIM memory 
  1. Memory Card. Here multiple storage locations can be selected.  


Media Sync: 

It will contain audio, video, images and other related data files. As Media content is very big in size. By default, only contact and message can be synced. Media sync is disabled. As and when require user can enable the media sync. It may be possible that destination phone doesn’t support the media format which is copied from the source phone. In such case then a system will notify the user about to confirm the copy or discard. Some of the example of video format .mp4, .avi, .3gp etc.,  


If the same OS is running on the source & destination then Application can be synced from source to destination. Else user will get notification for the same “Application cannot be synced, Format error! OS running on a source is different the OS running on destination”. Application data can also be synced. Example user has played a game and made his highest scored. Game related data is stored then it can be copied to the destination. 

Calendar, memo, Alarm, Schedule: 

The data generated and stored in memory that also can be copied from source to a destination phone.  

Phone data / Personal data: 

The user may have stored his personal data that can be in different format. It can be copied. 

Offline emails & Messages: 

Offline emails stored in the phone can be moved from source to destination with authentication.  


Block diagrams/flow charts etc. for better understanding: 


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