Advance Contact Sync Algorithm or Mechanism for Mobile Phones

Currently available software or application for contact sync is not perfect, which result in duplicate contacts. It will consume more space and create confusion as well. We need proper software which will handle his sync mechanism carefully with additional checks.

There should be check for:

  • Number with country code or without country code.
  • Number with appending zero at beginning or without zero at beginning.
  • Same number with different name.
  • Different number with same name.

Avoid Duplicate:  

Duplicate contact mean name and contact number with all other details are same & matching completely with each other. It will also take care of number with stored with prefix + (country code) or 00 (country code) or without and prefix.  

Smart Copy:  

It will check for numbers only. If the number is similar it will ask to choose the name of the number.  

Conflict Handling:  

Conflict mean information is partially matching.  

Contact info trimmer:  

Depending on a mobile type it will support different information along with contact number and name. It will ask the user to confirm the operation to trim information with details. Once the user confirms, matched information will be synced and other information will be lost. 


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