Who will Pay You More Hubpages or Bubblews

Now a days people are making money online. You can find many site or advertise for such kind things on internet. You need to be careful while choosing site. You need to choose reliable & trustful site. I would like to mention here about the same here which I feel to be good for making money online by writing an articles. I tried some sites for the same. I would like to share my experience for the same.

Hubpages is very much reliable site for making money online. It require 700 words for an articles. They believe in quality articles. If you have adsense account then you can directly link with it. If you don't have google adsense then this site is best for getting adsense. It has very good hubpages community which can help you to start up. You can ask any question and people will help you for the same. I would highly recommended this site to begin your journey. Generally 15 to 20 quality article is required to get the adsense. Minimum payout threshold is 50$. format for making an article is very user friendly. Easy to build. You can edit, delete, and save your article. It will take time to gain some good amount of earning through hubpages. As per my personal experience you can get around 3$ for initial month with around 15 articles.
It will share earning in ratio of 60% (You) & 40% (Hubpages) you can apply for different affiliation like ebay & amazon to maximize your earning.
Basic rules are same as all site: - No copied content - No copy righted material usage - Pixabay image usage. Not from google search image.
This site is best for making money fast. It will pays you for like, comment. It is growing site. I don't know the method to save article but you can edit it. Minimum word in article is only 400 character which means 80 words only. So its quality requirement is not high as hubpages.
It will share earning in ratio of 50% (You) & 50% (Bubblews) There is no affiliation program like ebay & amazon to maximize your earning. You can not ask questions to get support like hubpages. Minimum payout is 25$ You can get payment though paypal. You don't need any google adsense account.
All the best for your online writing & earning.
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