Online Shopping Site Review : Shopclues, Infibeam, Indiatimes, Flipkart, Tradus

I know many of you are purchasing many things online. We like to do online shopping as now it is become cheaper and user friends. We used to purchase small items online. There are many sites available for shopping such things. Personally I have used many sites for shopping. I would like to mention some of the site names from which can plan to buy. I will also tell you pros and cons for the site.


This site is good to buy small and smart deal products. I have purchased many small items from this site. They will send the product in expected time with expected quality.

  • Quality: 4 stars 
  • On time delivery: 4-star 
  • Customer care support: 4 star

Indiatimes shopping

Don't buy anythings from this site even though if they will mention very less price. I have purchased two product from this site. I suffered a lot after purchasing from this site. I took around a 45 days to cancel the order for me. They will bother about a customer. They don't believe in commitment. They will always tell you we will solve the issue in 24 hours. They will even respond to mail.

  • Quality: 1 star 
  • On time delivery: 1-star 
  • Customer care support: 1 star


I have purchased two products from this site. I have received the products on time. I got the message at each stage after booking. I have not customer care of this site. I have not faced any problem with this site. I will recommend this site for shopping.

  • Quality: 4 stars 
  • On time delivery: 4-star 
  • Customer care support: 4 star


This site is good and very much famous for online shopping. Even You can see the add in TV also. Expected quality of a product is good and they will meet the time frame which they will mention in site. Cost wise you can see a bit more than another online shopping site.

  • Quality: 4 stars 
  • On time delivery: 4-star 
  • Customer care support: 4 star

Trades (Not Available Now)

Overall I have the good experience so far with this site. But You can not expect always on time delivery with this site. They may cancel your order depending on nonavailability of the product. The refund process will take around 7 to 10 working days though they will mention as 5 working days. The quality of the product is as expected.

  • Quality: 4 stars 
  • On time delivery: 3-star 
  • Customer care support: 2 star

How to get the price from all the site?

Once you confirm to buy any product, You can start the search for the site with minimum cost. This you can do easily. There is the site available on the internet to do the same. We will give you the complete list of the price for your product. The site name is my smart price. You can compare India also for the same.

Mobile Application

There is the mobile application for my smart price available in Android Google Play. You can download it use it as required.
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