Bosch vs KPIT Review

I worked with both the companies. Both has its pros and cons. I will try to give you the information based on my personal experience with both the companies. This comparison is purely based on my personal view. I am talking about Bangalore location for the both the companies

  • Both works for Automotive Industries. 
  • Bosch is Tier 1 company while KPIT is Tier 2 Company.
  • Bosch has culture somewhat similar to complete product based company. Where you can find more employee oriented policy. Bosch Value for their employee as they don't work for a client directly. They work for their counterpart in Germany. While KPIT directly deals with Tier 1 company like Bosch and Manufacturing company (OEM) like (Ford, JLR, Nissan, Volvo etc.,)
  • KPIT is more or less service based company where you need to rely on client. Most of decision is taken by OEM or Tier 1 company. They will supply manpower or software service to the companies.
  • Bosch has many own products. Bosch works on domain/technologies other than automotive as well.
  • Bosch is the very old company around more than 128 years old, KPIT is around more than 15 years old company. 
  • Bosch has more than 300,000 employees all around the world while KPIT has more than 10,000 employees as on June 2015.
  • Compare to Bosch, In KPIT can feel high pressure for software delivery and bug fixing. You will get less time to fix the issue and it depends on client pressure and a deadline for the project.
  • In KPIT, you can learn more as you will not get much time analyze and fix the issue. 
  • KPIT and Bosch both are the process driven company. But sometimes highly process driven can cause the issue as well which is happening with KPIT. As in many cases, it pressures to deliver the product is high, in that case, a process will not follow as per quality standard. And a process is just left for the formalities.
  • In Bosch, You can find soft spoken person which knows how to handle the people without conflict. You can find fewer politics among the team and management. In KPIT will be part of politics as everyone want to be on safer side. 
  • Bosch provides the telephone lines to individual engineer starting from software eng to a head of a section. KPIT will not provide the individual landline to the each engineer but only provides to Project leader or higher positions. 
  • Food is available at almost free of cost in Bosch, while KPIT doesn't provide you food facilities. 
Brand Value:
Bosch has brand value and everyone respect it. Big giant in Germany and Automotive industry as well. 

Bosch > KPIT

Internet Speed / Security:

Bosch provides you very good internet speed to work. There is no much restriction to browse the different sites. You can access Facebook, YouTube, and another shopping site as well. Still it expected that people will misuse it. And internet security is still a primary focus of Bosch as well. It is not allowed to download unauthorized software without permission. 

KPIT has the high restriction to surf the site. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and any other social site in not allowed. Shopping site, like Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, you can surf, but there is the daily limit of 60 minutes. Speed for the internet will be limited and downloading will take time. KPIT has high internet security as well. But still it is allowed to access the mailbox from home. 

You need to have good internet speed to avoid delays in searching and getting the information.

Bosch > KPIT 

WiFi Internet Access:
KPIT provides the WiFi Internet access to be available in company premises. You can configure WiFi & use the company internet on your mobile. Speed of internet is good enough to steam the online videos - more than 1 MBPS.  

KPIT > Bosch

Learning Opportunity:
Yes, It is always depend on project, people and management. Its depends on you as well that how you will take the opportunity to learn the new things. However you will get good learning experience in KPIT than Bosch as you always have shorter timelines to deliver the products, which keeps you busy & force you to learn the things faster. 

KPIT > Bosch

Bosch: 30 leave (concept of earned leave -18, and general leave -12) earned leave can be carry forwarded to next year)
You can take sabbatical leave of 1 year if you want. 

KPIT: 25 leaves included leave for birthday and marriage day (I think only six leave can be carry forwarded) Paternity leave of 3 days.

Bosch > KPIT

Doctor facility:

Bosch: Daily doctor will be available for consultation. 
KPIT: Doctor will be available on one day in a week.

Bosch > KPIT

Personal Counseling:
Both company provides you the facilities for counseling for problems related to work, deputy, conflict, decision making, personal problems etc.,

Bosch > KPIT

Email Access & Communicator
Bosch doesn't allow you to have access of company email from home. It is only allowed for senior management people. KPIT allows you to access your company mail from home. You can configure outlook email to your mobile. KPIT uses the Lync as communicator. You can also download that from google play to check your chat messages from mobile. 

KPIT > Bosch

Cab & Food facilities for Extra working hours
KPIT allows you to claim your food bills if you stay longer for project work. Even you can use the company cab facility to go back to home. You just need to raise cab request. 

KPIT > Bosch

Computer / Laptop / Monitor Quality:

You will get big 24 inches new monitor probably of HP with standard HP keyboard. PC configuration will vary. But it should at least have 4 GB of RAM and 500GB of hard disk space with window 7 as OS.  You will get good enough space (drawer) to locate your baggage and your personal belonging with hardware on which you are going to work. Sometimes you can face space issue.

Bosch > KPIT

Entrance & Feel of Big MNC: (Talking about Kormangla Bosch)

There are big buildings with garden and canteen areas.  Building names are 901 and 905. 905 is core complex with big reception and setting area. Infrastructure is good as compare to other small organization.  You can watch TV while sitting in this area. While in 901 building you don’t have TV facility. Bosch has good garden space with different types of flowers and trees. They are mentioning it well.

Bosch > KPIT

Printer & Printing Restriction - Limit:

You will have Lexmark Printer with advanced technology. You can give print from your desk and while going to collect it. You need to swipe your card first and then you can release all the prints which you want to print. You can discard the unnecessary prints at that also. Using this, you can create good privacy for your documents as no one other than you can see your documents and prints. 

Bosch > KPIT


Bulk Scanning and printing option is there with this Lexmark printer.
Desk Phone will be provided to each person. STD facility will not be available but still you can use it to make local calls. While moving from one location to another, you can continue with the same number as well. You can join the conference or meeting from your desk.

Bosch > KPIT

Food - Canteen Service:

In food, you can enjoy the different and variety of food in the canteen with paying anything. The charge is 35 Rs per month means you can say as free of cost.  You can avail morning breakfast, lunch, and evening snacks.  You will get chapatti, 2 vegetable sabzi, dal, rasam, papad, pickle, buttermilk, juice or fruits and many more.    

Bosch > KPIT

Approval - Ticket Raise for Tool - Support:
Bosch: It is easy to get approval for additional hardware to software to be installed in your PC. You just need to raise the request from intranet portal. It will be done within half day to one day of time frame and depending on the nature of the software you want to install. They have some basic software available directly. To install that software available in the SW package, you need to enable the software package only. Common software, which is available directly is like beyond compare, notepad++, WebEx Conference, Snagit and many more.

KPIT: Similar to Bosch they have software repository from which we can set the trigger to install the software. They provide you many more basic software which is allowed to use in the company. Getting the permission and support for tool and software is easy to get in KPIT as well.

KPIT > Bosch  


Bosch: There will be weekly meeting probably in a team. There you can say your status and problems while performing your work. Meeting will not give you pressure to work. It will be helpful to you tell your problems. If you are facing some issue then there will people around you to help you to get out of those problems.  

KPIT: Meeting is most boring and more like a teacher is asking whether you have done your homework or not. More structured but not people oriented. 

Bosch > KPIT

Toilet / Washroom:

Bosch Toilet is very clean. It has shaver facilities as well. Not much-cleaned washroom having many small issues. 

Bosch > KPIT

Telephone Lines:

KPIT will not provide the telephone lines to each engineer. Bosch provides the telephone to each engineer. Local calls are allowed in Bosch. While in KPIT it is allowed if you have auth codes. 

Bosch > KPIT

Online Opportunity:
It is difficult to say which company has better onsite opportunity. It will vary based on department and nature of work you are doing. However I feel bosch can provide you better onsite opportunity as compare to KPIT. You can get long term onsite opportunity in bosch but chances to get long term onsite opportunity in KPIT is less. 


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