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As a member of bubblews I frequently check my bank to see my earning. I am always eager to see my earning. In a day, may be I may not check comments but I will check my bank. How many of you do the same thing?

Its really good to see earning increasing day by day. I have tried with many article writing sites but I have not seen such a good earning in very small duration. I think bubblews is the best site to earn more money by writing articles if you don't have google Adsense account. I like to see comments on my articles. As bubblews allows you to write a small length of articles also. You can share your small but important ideas which can be liked by others. Its very good platform to begin with writing. I think if bubblews add some more features to it then it can attract more views. Bubblews should add basic functionality of document editor like bold, italic, format cell, table, alignment, and many more other editing options. I like to have table to saw the statistical data on my blog. which is easy to read and attract more viewers. I worked with hubpages also I found it very much systematic over there. It means, it will provides you the basic and all required things to write. You just need to drag and drop the widget to make the article. They have big collection of articles on each topics with quality writer. So if bubblews was allows to add more images and videos then it will best for both (writer as well as to bubblews). 

I love to be on bubblews. I like connect with the people to like my article and found it useful. I would like give a big thanks to bubblews to give me a this wonderful opportunity. I made many good friends on bubblews. I like to be connected with all of my friends on bubblews. with bubblews I got opportunity to earn, fun & learn at same time. How many of you agree to this can comment on this.

I would like to compare some of the facts and figure for some of the online writing site which can gives you money for your efforts and thought. All sites are almost similar to each other, at the same time each one has its pros and cons also. I would personally prefer to be with hubpages. I tried blogger also. But I feel that there are some advantages to be with hubpages which make me to be with hubpages. 

Bubblews is good site for making money. Here you can see the increase in earning after just posting your bubble. That is very good thing about it. It requires only 80 words of article that is amazing. Because if the requirement is higher then you may think of additional time, which you may not get every time. But you can spend time for 80 words easily. Which can be considered as great advantage of bubblews as compare to other site. I am new to bubblews still I feel continues change in my earning. So I feel that bubblews is very good platform form for writing. No other site (Hubpages, Wizzley, Seekyt) then Bubblews will pays you for like and comments. 

If you compare the temple for making article in hubpages that is amazing which can surely attract the people to visit the site again. I think if you make article in hubpages then it will perform well in google ranking and you can get views for a long time. Like hubpages wizzley is similar site. Hubpages will share 60% earning with you while wizzley will share 60% of revenue. As compare to both wizzley & hubpages seekyt will share 70% of revenue with you. Seekyt is new site compare to hubpages & wizzley. Seekyt is growing day by day. You can find professional & very good writer in hubpages site which knows in & out of writing. So you can get good support from the experts while writing your articles or to clear your doubt. 
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