Hubpages vs Wizzley - Best Article Writing Site

This tutorial give you comparison data for both the sites according to my view.

Hubpages and Wizzley both are great site for online writing. Both has its own advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss on each section in this article. We can run different affiliation program on both platform. Both support Google AdSense integration to earn revenue online. I can say these are the two best sites I have ever tried for online writing.

Design - Widget & User Interface:
Both the site support different widget, which can be add to the article. Widget like Text, Images, Map, Poll, is supported in both site. Widget alignment and size change is possible. 

Affiliation program:
Hubpages supports: eBay, Amazon, AdSense.
Wizzely supports: zazzle, all poster, Amazon, Chitika, Adsense, VigLink ebay

Using these programs you can show related product ads on your articles. Showing unrelated products can ban you from the site. 

Revenue Sharing:
Both sites share 60% of earning. 

Image Usage:
In Hubpages & Wizzley, you can use free images for Pixaby. Google Images (google search results) are not allowed.

Video Usage:
You can provide the link of YouTube video if you are adding value to it. You cannot create article with simply links to the videos and images. 

Link to Websites:
You can use the link of other sites if it is adding value to it. But you cannot add more than 2/3 links. Otherwise it can be considered as overly promoted articles.  

Community and User:
Hubpages community is better than Wizzley. You can find large number of articles in hubpages on different topics. User are supportive & help each other. 
Due to large number of user available in Hubpages. You can get more internal views which may be helpful to you to increase earning. You can communicate & connect with other writers by connecting with them on Facebook or other social site.

Internal Website Support - Help:
You can write your quires on given mail id on site to get answers to you problems. You can get answers within one day time frame. 

Forum & QA: 
Forum and QA both are supported in hubpages but not in wizzely. Wizzley only provide forum support where you can discuss on related topics. 

Violation & Warnings:
Hubpages will sent you mail for violation with suggestion to correct it. Continuous violation can ban you from the site. Once you are banned you cannot be part of community again. 

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