Quora FAQ, Can I Make Money on Quora?

Quora is the site where you can ask your questions related to any topics. You can find the answer available to many of the popular questions on a major different category. The topic of question could be anything. It has the wide range of tags available for asking the questions. 

Here I have mentioned the answers to some of the FAQ based on my knowledge.

How To Register on Quora?

You can register with your google or Facebook account in Quora. Once you register with Quora you will get 500 credits. 

What is Credit in Quora?

Credit is kind of point which allows you to ask questions. Now Quora Credit feature is removed from Quora. 

How much Credit I need to ask the Question?

You can ask the Question to member of Quora. Needed credit depends on the person to whom you are asking. You can set the credit. So once any person ask the question to you & if you answer it then you will get the set Credit. However to put the question on Quora you don't need any credit. Then it is published. If any one interested to answer then they will answer you question. 

What is UpVote/DownVote?

If you are satisfied with the given answer then you can UpVote the answer. Which helps a user to get more credits. Downvote will reduce the credit. 

Can I send Message to Other Member?

Yes, You can send the personal message to any member of Quora. You can see the number of Questions and Answers given by particular member. 

What is Quora Blog?

Quora Blog allows you to write the post / article on your interested topics. You can publish your article which can be helpful to many members. 

Can I link Quora account with Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika?

No, You can not link Quora account with Adsense as you can not run ads on it. 

What is general traffic amount per day to the question?

It is not certain. It depends on many parameters, but you can get more than 100 views a day for the new question for initial few days.  

Can I share the link to my Blog or site in Question & Answer?

Yes, You can share the link to your site which enables you to get traffic to your site as well from Quora which results in additional view to your site. Which results in increased earning for your site. 

What are the different topics / Category available on Quora to ask Questions?

There is wide range of category available on Quora. You can find millions of questions available on different topics like programming, Country, Travel, Blogging, Mathematics and many more. There is no restriction to ask the questions on any topics as such. 

Can I attach image in Question or Answer?

Yes, You can attach images.

Can I see the number of view to your Questions, Answers, and Blog post?

You can see the number of view to your questions, answers and blog. You can select the time frame for last week, last month, last three months and all time. You can separate the view for Questions, answers and blog post as well. 

How does Quora helps to Earn money?

If you have your own site then you can link your site URL to the Quora answer or Quora Question. As traffic to Quora is very high you can expect to some redirect to your site as well. which may increase your revenue if you are running adsense ads or ads from any other advertiser on your site. As they will pay you based on number of view or number of clicks on ads. 

Why Many Blogger use Quora as a marketing tool? 

You can use Quora as the marketing tool for your site. Where you can put a link to your site on related topics to drive traffic to your site. But it should not be extensive, It should be limited and relative to your site content as well. 

Can I transfer the credit to someone else?

Yes, you can transfer the credit to someone else. Now credit feature is removed from Quora. 

Can I send the personal message to Quora user?

Yes, you can send the personal message to Quora user.

To how many members, I can ask the questions?

You can ask maximum 15/16 person, It is as per my experience.

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