How to Get more views on Your YouTube Videos

Building YouTube Chaneels and publishing videos is easy. But to get consistance view is bit difficult. There are many factor which needs to be consider to get more views. We will discuss on each factor in breif in this section. 

Lets Talk, How you will get view on your YouTube channel. People will search for their required keywords in search engine or in YouTube. Search engine will display related and vedios as a search result. So it is imporant to get your videos in search result.

What You need to do Get your Videos in Search Results?

Your selection of Title and Tags play major role to get your videos in search result. You need to select the proper subject to make your videos. You can use google keywords to find out the traffic on your selected subject. It could be possible that there are many articles available on your selected topics then it will be difficult for you to get your article in search result. It may be possible that very less article is available on selected topic. Then you can get advantage of it. Selection of related keywords is necessary to get the traffic.

To conclude:

  • You can write on high traffic keywords.
  • You can write on topics on which information is not available having reasonable traffic.

Why does people select your video from the available list?

Once people see the search result. People look for more related keyowords and images for the videos. Images is nothing but your thumbnail. Here creation custom thumbnail can get the advantage of it. So it is highly recommended to create the custom thumbnail for your each videos. The thumbnail should be creative enough to describe your content. It is seen that some youtubers will the attractive thumbnail just to attract the user to click on your videos. Unrelated thumbnail can cause the serious problem as your average view time will falldown drastictly.

Why is average watch time? Why it is important?

Average Time = Total Watch Time for Video / No of Views

Google will keep track of your average view time for your videos. If you play any tricks to get the click on your video then it will reduce your average view time. If your average view time is less than it means that people are not getting what they are looking for. They exited or moved to other place. It will result in decreased organic traffic. 

What does Quality Video mean?

People talks about Quality of Videos, but no one says what to do to make it quality video. Here I have mentioned some of things which you can follow while creating your video.

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