How to Increase Traffic to Blogger Blog Site

Consistence View:

There are numbers of way available to get traffic to your blog. But it is required to get consistent views. To get consistent view only sharing to Facebook or twitter will not help. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus sharing will get you temporary view only in most cases. You need to get the traffic from search engines. If your articles are coming as search result then you can get the good amount of traffic daily. To get this idea you have to study about keyword role in getting traffic. Choosing the right keyword is essential before starting the article. Low paying & low traffic keyword will not give you more revenue.  So I would suggest doing necessary background search before starting. You can link your site with below tools.

  • Google – Webmaster Tool 
  • Bing – Webmaster Tool 

Temporary Traffic:

Sharing article to a social site can give you temporary traffic. Remember if your article is not relevant then you may end up with zero gain in traffic.  So be sure some of your friends has interest towards your articles. 

Commenting on related post:

It is necessary to link your post with as many related posts. Commenting on popular post can give you traffic to your website. Moreover, it will improve you site ranking as well. So try to use the link of your article in you another post as well.  So you can get multiple views from a single search results. Sometimes if people like the information on your site then they may subscribe to get regular update. So you can get continues view till they unsubscribe in most cases.  I can say this extra traffic to your site is the result of good content on another site. So you can also provide the link of another site in an article if you feel linking to that URL will add value to it to provide the complete information. But don’t link many urls of another site as it will look overly promotional.  People don’t want to switch more between different URL, so try to provide the complete information in your article. 

Template Design and aligned content:

Template plays a major role to attract the reader. You should choose the best responsive design temple according to the content of the site. Proper font size is necessary for template. Many readers don’t like fonts which are sometimes difficult to read. Proper highlighting of major keywords is very much necessary to draw the attention of the reader as many of the readers will read only if they find the relative keywords in it. It is necessary to add buttons for sharing the article to social sites like Facebook and twitter.  You need to add the subscribe button also to get more regular views. 

Create Mobile Application for your site:

Now a day use of mobile to get the information Is increased to an availability of the smartphone. It is good to have the mobile application for the all the platform like android, ios, and blackberry & amazon kindle. It is very easy to create the application for your site. Here is the list of site to create the app in just a few steps is given. So you create the app you will get additional traffic.

Quality Content: 

Your content is your identity, so try to provide the complete, interesting & quality information. Grammar and good English can definitely help you to attract native English speaker.  If you are not much confident about your English then use the table or another source of graphics to explain clear about it. Images, a table can add value if it is adequate enough to match the content. Always try to use one image in you post as it will help you while sharing it the social site. Where it will display the image & text both. It is observed that images catch more attention the raw text. Try to be more interactive in your writing. You can ask for suggestion, feedback and comments if required. There are different widgets available to add to your blog. Polling is one of the examples of it. You can create your own images and widget. If you observe that one of your articles is getting good traffic then you can write more article on similar subjects.  You can also run Quiz. 

Write on same topics if possible:

It would be always easy to describe your strong area if it is in a specific direction. An article in multiple areas can lose reader attraction.  It will be easy to decide the title or tag line your blog gives the information is one specific topic. Even it will help you for search engines. 

Brand or Icon: 

Brand yourself can help you to grow more. People love the success, people. They follow them too. People have the interest to know how and what you have done to get your success. If you become icon and brand then sharing your simple story can also get a huge amount of traffic. Write about your key focused area on the sites by describing yourself in 3 to 4 lines. 

Keep up to date:

Always search for new update happening in blogging industry. You can find different useful tool available. Grammar check, Prof Reading software is an example of it. Check Google Ranking for your site and try to improve in each direction of regular basis. Try to update regularly.
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