How to Create Android Application in 5 minutes without Programming Knowledge

It is very much easy to create the mobile application for any platform. You need to follow the simple steps to create it. You need to fill the details and you can select your own view, template, format, layout. If you have a website then you can create the app for your website with same content on the app. You can implement your own ideas for the mobile app.  

Here is the list of site which provides facility to create your app free with minimum services:

Steps & General procedure:

  • Select a name of an application.
  • Choose category and icon for your app. You can upload icon which is created by you.
  • Select layout and background for the app.
  • Add tabs, buttons, windows as per your requirement.
  • Review live demo of your app on the screen.
  • Confirm & build.
  • Downloadable file apk will ready in 2 hours of time. Once installer file is ready you will get a link to download your app.
  • Download your app & perform testing.
  • Modify & do correction till finalize.
  • Publish to Google Play, I Store, Blackberry, kindle.


To publish in Google Play Store require 25$ of one-time fees & for I Store require 99$ of annual fees. 

Advantages of having Mobile App:

  1. You are running a business then your app can give you new clients.
  2. You can earn from advertisement.
  3. Easy to connect with different people to gather feedback inputs for improvements.
  4. creation of new ideas and features can be implemented on the app which can give benefits to customer and business owner both.
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