How to Apply YouTube Caption to Your Videos

YouTube is the biggest platform for video sharing, uploading and downloading. We used to search our queries in YouTube. 
It is very much helpful. but Do you know you can earn money on YouTube?

Yes, it is very simple. You need to have google AdSense account and you can monetize your videos. Then you can see ads running on your 
videos. It is working great for me. Don't you want to try?

If you have already videos on YouTube then I would like to tell you, how you can make it more attractive.
They are many options to edit your YouTube video like note, title, speech bubble, caption and many more. 

I would like to talk about caption today. 
Caption is the very handy tool which can be used to describe the things better. 
To apply the caption, you just need to make a simple .src file. Don't think much about an src file. It is easy to create a .src file.
You need to create notepad file add the description in proper format then rename it .src. That's it. 

Now upload the .src file as a caption file in YouTube video. Try to play your video, and you can see caption running on your video.

Example of .src file:

00:00:04,599 --> 00:00:18,160
>> You are watching video from eHow Questions Answers.
This video contains photo gallery of Busan south Korea trip.

00:00:19,160 --> 00:00:26,770
>> Please visit for more information.

Here you need to give the numbers in the first line.
in the second line you need to give information about timing. (hour: minutes: seconds, milliseconds)

3rd line is for the actual text. 

Visit this link for information: 

For auto-captioning features:
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