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Overall the Automotive Big Giant Bosch works well. They will provide the work-life balance to their employee. I can say It has mixed culture of Product and Service company. Bosch has the employee friendly policy. Which works well to support the employee. Overall it is the process driven the company like other MNC. Bosch has the wast range of products in the different domain. Overall more than 3 lacs of employee all around the world. Bosch is more than 125 years old company. I worked in bosch for 3 years. I have recently quit the Bosch. I will share my personal experience with you all.

Joining Day:

They will provide you the offer letter with other required documents. Your card will be ready on the same day of joining. You need to enter your personal and professional details in the form given by them. You need to do the eye check up (color blindness) before joining the Bosch. Other normal medical checkup will be done by the doctor available within bosch premises. They will do your normal fitness checks like blood pressure and some more tests.

Generally it won't time much time. You will get the Bosch Mug as a token for joining. 

Joining procedure is very smooth and systematic. Basic Required Information will be given on the same day. There are three banks available for salary account.

  • Citi Bank
  • HDFC
  • Dutch Bank
  • ICICI Bank
Salary will be credited on the last working day as like other MNC do.

Some of the important facts about bosch:

  • You will get the total of 30 days leave - All leaves can be transferred to next year (encash is possible for all leaves.
  • Notice Period while leaving the company - 90 days
  • Total working hours in a day : 9.25 means 9 hours and 15 minutes a day
  • Core working hours are 10 - 4.
  • There will be no contract period like other company have for 6 months.
  • Joining Bonus will be given to you while joining but if you don't serve the company for 2 years then you need to return it back. Again it depends on your offer and some other cases.
  • Almost Free Food (35 Rs monthly) Facility Available for morning breakfast, evening snacks and lunch.
  • Swipe in / out is available at the main gate, no need to swipe again while entering into a specific department. (again it may vary based on department for which you work)
  • The appraisal will be given at the end of a year in the month of April salary.
  • The yearly bonus will be the part of your CTC and vary based on your rating. Different rating scale is e,d,c,c+, b, b+, a.
  • Designation grade for technical path starts with Trainee --> Software Engineer --> Sr. Software Engineer --> Specialist --> Architect  --> Sr. Architect --> Expert --> Chief Expert
  • Designation grade for Management path starts with Trainee --> Software Engineer --> Sr. Software Engineer --> Ass. Project Manager --> Project Manager  --> Group Manager --> Dept. Head --> Section Head

Project Allocation:

Project allocation will be generally done faster as compared to other companies, but your actual start will take a bit more time. Initial Training or time will be given to the employee to understand the existing projects and technical aspects of it.

Work Station:

You will be provided a neat and clean workstation with the telephone at your desk for you as an individual. You can make a call to your project mate or any boschler from your desk. The workstation has enough space to accommodate you as well some targets or devices on which you are going to work. Big LED screen monitor / i3/i5 processor with 4-12 GB of RAM will be provided to you to work. 

Stationery & Printing facility:

You can avail the stationary and printing facility at any time from your desk. For Stationary, you need to collect it from respective authority called as department secretary. Or you can collect it from the locker directly. There will be the not limitation to collect the number of notes and pens in a month. Generally You can easily avail any stationary related items. To Take the printout, Bosch is using Lexmark High-Quality printer cum scanner. You can give the print from your desk. To take the printout you need to swipe the Id card at printer after that only print will come out whichever you have given from your desktop or laptop PC. So it has security for a printer as well. No one can take your prints. There will not be any restriction for printing number of pages per months. Printer cum scanner with bulk printing scanning facility is available for a block of a building. 

Chat / Communicator : 

As like other IT MNC Bosch also has communicator facility. But Chat facilities will not be provided to all called as BoCo. Given to you based on project need and demand from a user. 


Training will be provided to you in a different area depending on your need and your competency in different areas and project need. However, it may possible that you will get the training, not at a correct time. It could be too early before actual practical work assigned to you it may be after practical work done. 

Review /Release Process:

Bosch review process in not much strict, however, it depends on the department for which you work for. Safety critical department highly focuses for strict review before release. 

Team Outing / Culture activity

Team outing will be performed within a 4 - 6 months of time frame. Culture activity will be planned on the yearly basis. However, small events will be held on a regular basis depending on the festival coming in near time.  

Innovation / Ideas:

Bosch works well for innovation. Bosch has dedicated the team for innovation which will work on submitted / given ideas by an employee. Bosch files more than 400 patents per year which are very great as compared to other companies. 

Sports Complex:

Bosch has very good sports complex at Bosch Audigudi. 

It is near to Audugodi Police Station, Near to Signal on Hosur main Road. 500m far from Forum Mall.

Complex has facilities for Badminton (3 wooden well maintained court), Table Tennis (3 Tables), carrom, chess, Loan Tennis (2 court), Gym (Men & women separated) Cricket Play Area, Volley Ball, Squash, Basket Ball Court, Locker room, toilets and bathrooms. So overall very good facility.

  • Table Tennis: 50 Rs per month
  • Badminton: 100 Rs per month
  • Loan Tennis: 100 Rs per month
  • Gym: 50 Rs per month
  • Carrom, Chess - Free
  • Cricket, Volley Ball, Basket Ball - Free

The company used to organize the different Tournaments for the different category. Many employees used to participate in the tournaments & they won many corporate tournaments as well. 


Bosch Kormangla has two Three good canteens. Food is very good with much variety of food daily. Bosch provides food at very minimal cost of 35 rs per month. So you can say They provide free food. 


Bosch Head Quarter at Kormangla is situated at a center of Bangalore. The location itself has many benefits. Bank, Mall, and many shopping areas are very near to the company. HDFC, ICICI, SBI bank is available at walking distance. Forum mall is just opposite to the company. 

Onsite Opportunity:

Onsite opportunity depends on projects and team in which you are working. Overall it has many opportunities to go for onsite to the different countries like Germany, Japan, US, Korea, Malaysia and many more country. They will provide you the international SIM card. The company will pay the mobile bill for your mobile international visit. 

HR Policy:

Bosch has Employee friendly policy. The company provides you Bonus based on rating 1 to 3. You can get the minimum bonus for rating 3 which is mentioned in appointments letter in general condition. 

Internet Access:

The company provides you flexible restriction to access to the different site. It is employee friendly. Sites like facebook, youtube and many more is still allowed to access from the company. Gmail and personal mail access are blocked inside the company. 

Note: We are not responsible for any deviation in the above information. 

Joining Bonus:

Generally joining bonus will be given in certain special cases only. 

  • Joining before three months of notice period.
  • Offer CTC is less than expected CTC.
  • To motivate the people to join the company.
  • Any other special reason. 
Reallocation allowance: 

If you are going reallocate to new city in that case, company will give the reallocation allowance for your transport and shifting of house hold items and language. The amount will vary for different designation however it will be around 25000 Rs. To claim the amount, you need to submit your original bills from movers and packers. 

Benefits of Buffet:

Bosch has concept of benefits of buffet, which is introduced to get more benefits for you income tax. Which means you need to claim or you need to enter the details to get your salary. I will be a one time job but if you wouldn't do then you will get unexpected surprize. 

You can submit your telephone bills (one number only) get income tax benefits for it. It is allowed to submit the landline bill (it cab be part of your broadband connection). Bosch will not provide any Sodexo food coupon. You can claim LTA 2 times in 4 year of period and I think there is no limit (not sure) in LTA amount. 
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