What is Amway Home based Business?

What is Amway?

I think all of we know a bit about Amway. Amway also comes as MLM (Multi level marketing company) Amway is home based business where you need to promote the product of Amway to sale it at larger scale. More sale -- more earning. Ultimately you will get commission based on your sales.


Connect the Manufacturer with buyer direct using chain of people called Amway Distributor.

Amway Products?

There are numbers of products available in Amway business. SA8, LOC, CTM & Nutrilite products are famous products. Each Product has certain PV & BV value. According to me products are good but expensive.

PV: Point Value (90 -100 Rs nearly Equal to 1.00 PV for India)
BV: Business Valume (1.2 - 1.3 Rs nearly Equal to 1.00 BV for India)

For each product purchase you will get certain PV and BV. Based on this PV and BV value, distributor will get the commission. 

What is DAP Value?

DAP value is the value of the product at which distributor can get the product. It will be around 80% of the actual MRP value. So distributor will get 20% off on actual MRP value of the product.

Commission Chart : (updated 2014)

300     PV     6%
1000   PV     9%
2000   PV     12%
4000   PV     15%
7000   PV     18%
10000 PV     21%

What Amway Distributor?

A member of an Amway business is called as Amway Distributor. Amway distributor has right to purchase the product from Amway authorized center. You can find the Amway center in internet easily. Distributor can order the product online as well. Distributor can suggest other person to become a member of Amway business. Each member will get ABO number. ABO number is like ID. Each distributor can get the product at around 80% of MRP price.

What Upline / Downline?

Example: A is an Amway Distributor. Who suggested to Join B to become an Amway Distributor. Now B joined the Amway Business Under A. So A is up line for B & B is down line for A.

Minimum Purchase for Distributor?

Once you become Amway distributor, you need to purchase around 5000 Rs within days. If you are not able to buy the product withing this time, you will moved out of the business.

Renewal Fees:

Every Years you need to pay 500 Rs as renewal changes to continue you business.

Documents needed to Sign Up or Join Amway Business?

  1. Bank Statement of Applicant or Cancel Cheque
  2. Address prof of applicant and co applicant (Rent agreement, Mobile Bills, Electricity Bill, PAN card, Licence, Election card)
  3. Marriage certificate in case of co applicant is husband or spause
  4. ID prof of applicant and co applicant (Driving Licence, PAN Card, Adhar card, Election card)
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