How to Start Blogging? Blogging Platform Hubpages vs Blogger

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I like to write and earn. This way we can earn and at the same we learn also. We can gain knowledge. It will be helpful to solve our problems also. We can take part in different forums and communicate with different people. I love hubpages (HP) and Infobarrel both. 


HP will check your hubs quality. So if you are not much aware about the violation then you can get help to do the same. If they will reject your article then also they will tell you reason for rejection. So you will come to know about what you did wrong. You can rectify and publish again.

Once you publish the hub you it will pass through quality assessment. So it will check for violation and you can more confident about your hub before applying for google Adsense. but if you apply from blogger you don't know about the violation. They have clear tips for writing hubs in learning center. Sometimes it is not possible to find out reason for violation or rejection in such cases it has advantages.

While updating or applying for Adsense it is clearly mentioned there to apply after having at least 10 hubs. So You can get the idea for when to apply for Adsense. Though Adsense and blogger both from Google. HP is equally safe to apply for Adsense. You can easily see the traffic rise, fall or broken links, and violation. Graph view makes the user happier to see the statics of the hubs.




Internal viewers:

In HP you can get good support from other members to get to know more about hubs writing and other support. You can ask the questions about affiliation programs. You can get answers easily in a half day. but with blogger is it difficult to get answers of those questions. You need to search by own and find the answers.


It is easy to get internal traffic and followers in HP. if you make good network and content. if you become popular then it is easy to get traffic from HP. Personally I feel that you publish the article in blogger then you can get more view then HP as blogger is the product of the Google. Google will help you to get more traffic to your channel compare to HP.

Internal supports from members (hubbers)

It is easy to get support from others in HP. You can solve your queries very easily. Questions, Answers and forum is best place to get this.


Share your articles:

With blogger it is easy to share in Google plus. While with HP it is easy to share in Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Layout / Widget in Blogger:

You can add different widget to make your blogger to look good, attractive, and impressive. You have control over it. This is not supported in HP up to that much great extend.

Google Analytics & Webmaster Tool:

You need to pass the url in Google analytics and webmaster tool. But in case of blogger you need not do anything. Once you configure it then it is same.

Template in Blogger:

There is verity of layout available to choose for your blogger according to you blogger requirements. You can choose the suitable layout.

Boot camp:

Your hub will not published or featured if you don't have good content or insufficient content. After 5 hubs you can pass the boot camp. It may possible that your hub will be not featured after running for longer time. They will clearly mention reason for rejecting hubs. So you will get the idea what you did the wrong.For example: Overly promotional hubs  It is clearly mentioned that use of same site data in your hubs, referring to same site more times can lead to overly promotional hubs. So it will be easy for us to remove the problematic text and write it again. But in case of blogger if you have written more than 15 blog then it is difficult to find out the problematic part of text of the blog. And it will not find then your all the effects will flushed. This way HP protects / support their writer to make the hubs by which could be easy to get the approved Adsense account. After getting approved Adsense you can continue with blogger and hub-pages both.

Draft Option:

HP and Blogger both has draft option. You can save your articles for editing and save as a draft in your profile. I have mentioned this here because many other sites like this is not proving such a basic features, which is very much required. If you have not saved your work somewhere else then you will lose your article. wizzley and seekyt does not have this basic feature. So if you are planning to write on it please save your work before publishing.

Layout Elements or Capsules:

Questions and answers:

In HP you can get some traffic though question and answer also. You can find the people like you and the people of same interest. You can get the followers. I think questions and answers is best place to know the people and audience will to whom you are targeting. If you use this in proper way then you can bring good traffic and followers from this also.

Images and Videos:

In HP learning center you can many good article related to usage of images and videos. which will help you to create the hubs with good and proper images. You can place your video and image at proper place with proper size as your interest in HP as HP is providing good layout making/placing. You can align your videos and images next or near to your text to make it clear. Image size will be automatically corrected.

Language of Writing:

In blogger you can choose the language to write you articles. As many non-English country will have a problem with English language. So solution to this is blogger. I think hub-pages only support English language. You can translate widget in your blogger to translate your article in different language.

Good Layout:

HP has very good layout control method to make the hub more attractive. You can include below mentioned element to make it more interactive. Layout makes it easy to read.
  • Polls & Quiz
Use of poll makes the user engaged to your hub. Writer also gets the idea what reader are looking for. You can make a good survey about it, which would be helpful for your next article.
  • Map & Table
To make it more informative, writer can add the Map, table to the hub. Table is very much powerful tool to mentioned figure and facts.
  • Rating
This is small tool but useful tool to check quality of your hubs. You can get idea which hub is doing good and attracting viewers attentions.

My experience:

HP will automatically catch if you have duplicate content from site and They will not allow your hub to publish. You can find those hubs in draft. They have very good check for duplicate content. I don't think blogger has the same. At the same time I have seen many people saying that content of some HP is found in some other site. Means someone has copied the content. It is difficult to track the copied content on other site but is challenge for HP to protect their user from this. I am not sure about blogger. I don't think blogger can track the issue like this. They can ban you for asking the questions if you ask unnecessary questions on HP. You personal Hubscore will vary based on vote up and your quality of hubs, content, comments. It will be totally related to quality of your writing. So I think if you got success in HP, you can also get in blogger. Your writing on evergreen topics can lead to great success in HP. An article related to making money, Adsense, HP can give you extra boost from HP from the internal views.

Key to Success:

Best way get success on both is to write on global and evergreen topics which does not have any expire time, region or place restriction, or which can referred by anywhere, anytime by anyone. I am sure about your view but I have shared my view about both. Hope it is correct and it will help you up to some extent. Feel free to share your views.

Custome url:

With blogger you can get your customize url. Example: You can select the .org .info . net .biz. It will cost your around 10$. If you are making bunch of article on same topic than blogger is good option for you. But if you want to write the article on different topics then I would suggest you to go for HP. Both has its pros and cons. Personally I would like to with HP. I feel that I am not alone here. I have many supporters, who can teach and guide me. Here I am open to compare and see the fact with other members called hubbers. It is open to discuss.

Other affiliation:

You can go for Amazon, ebay affiliation with HP not with blogger. These will add extra earning to you. According to my observation if you place your ebay capsule properly then you can add well to your earning. For me ebay capsule is running good than amazon. I have started earning but Amazon capsule is not giving much advantage to me.


Here with HP, They will share 60% of the earning and the remaining 40% goes to them. They will spend that money to improve the site performance and ranking. Blogger will share 100% earning.

New Update: Oct 2013

I have compared the earning of HP vs blogger for same articles. I think HP earning is better than blogger. HP earning will increase once your article is old. I had written total 18 articles in HP. After 3 months of period I am got near about 5$ per months. But out of 18 articles I have two articles only which is doing good on HP. I am getting 90% of view from that two articles only. So I think that If write good quality demanding articles on HP then you can earn good amount on HP. You can increase your earning by proper placement of Ebay and Amazon ads on your pages. While placing ads on HP, you need to careful about choice of ebay and Amazon ads you can’t select unrelated ads for your pages. If you violate this rules two to three times then it may possible that HP will ban you. So be very much careful while selecting your ads and placements. You can’t also put adult ads on your pages.

List of freelancing article writing site for making money:

Infobarrel & Wizzley

  • Infobarrel
Equally good as Hubpages. You can place Amazon ads on your articles. I have started writing articles on Infobarrel. They will share 75% of earning with you. Formatting option is good. You can add Images, Text, Rating Map, and Video. Alexa ranking good. It has best grammar check facility.
  • Wizzley
It will share 60% of earning. It has affiliation for ebay, amazon and zazzle. It doesn't have draft option to save your unpublished articles. I tried once after getting rejected for one article I have not tried as it doesn't have draft option to save my unpublished articles.


Seekyt, Triond, Weebly & Xomba
  • Seekyt
It will share 70% of earning. It doesn't have draft option. They will remove your rejected articles. They will not specify the reason for rejection. You should careful while moving your article from one site to other. You need to un-publish and cut the article from SiteA and wait to 3/4 days then publish on SiteB else it will show as duplicate content for your own article.
  • Triond, Weebly & Xomba
You need to send an article with email to Xomba team. If they found it good then they will give you login id. Weebly is site where you can build it your own way. It has predefined format. It has paid version also. Triond is similar to Infobarrel. You need to send your article for publishing, they will manually check for publishing. Triond pay you via Paypal.

Bubblews, Squidoo, Zujava, Wikinut & Helium

  • Bubblews
Required short article length. Easy to earn money quickly. It doesn't have hard quality need to publish your article.  I have around 20 articles with earning of 12$. You can add only one image. It doesn't have any affiliation program. It pays you more compare to other site. I have very good till now. Bubblews pays you via Paypal. Minimum payout is 25$. I recommend this site to begin with your article writing.
  • Squidoo
Equally good as Hubpages and Infobarrel. You can earn good amount at this site also. They called article as Lens. They will pays you via Paypal. They will give you points and trophies as you grow in squidoo. Minimum payout is 1$ after 2 months of first article.
  • Zujava
They called article as leaf. You need to write three articles. They will check the quality and content of your articles. If your quality of your artiles is per their standard then you can publish your article. They pays via paypal. Minimum payout is 5$.
  • WikiNut & Helium
Both site will pay via Paypal. Wikinut will share 50% of earning with you. I have not tried this site yet. I have just created account in this site.

Your opinion:

I have shared my experience. I am at the beginning stage. I need to know many more about online article writing. You can get research on SEO techniques to get more views. There are many things you need to know while writing article. I will try to cover some to the things in my next article to improve traffic to your site. For me your opinion and comments matter a lot. I hope you like this list of site with some details. Please feel free to share your experience via comment.

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