Comparision of PS3 vs PS4 vs XBox1

When the extreme game player thinks for their new feature game console definitely everyone thinks about Sony play station and Nintendo Wii and now Microsoft Xbox. Here we will compare two giants of game console Xbox-one and PS 4 because Nintendo Wii is little bit less popular according to me.

  1. Sony Computer entertainment this time tagged price PS 4 is 400$ while Xbox one price is 500$ which is 20% more than PS 4
  2. Sony chose AMD 8 Core processor while Microsoft chose 8 core customized processor
  3. Sony used 8GB DDR 5 RAM(optimized for graphical used) which is faster than 8 GB DDR 3 which is use in Xbox 1.
  4. PS 4 does not require internet connection for playing while Xbox 1 mandatory requires internet connection which matters to user because user needs good internet plan for their console cost vice its matter for every month right.
  5. GPU in PS 4 has more graphics computation raw power which matter while user playing higher graphics fast games while in Xbox 1 GPU is note optimized according to fast graphics needs.
  6. Playstation4’s greatest advantage is its community is larger than Xbox 1 so user can have plenty of game with great features Sony has longer experience in gaming and user’s test because of that there are far ahead than Microsoft for this stuff.
  7. Xbox 1 has periodic online check so old game user could not play while PS 4 is backward compatible and its free from online checkups so PS 4 is great for old games which matter a lot.
  8. PS 4 has Bluetooth 2.1 while Xbox is without Bluetooth.
  9. PlayStation Eye Feature will give a reduction in unwanted noise.
  10. Using PlayStation Vita you can play games on your android or iPhone over WiFi.
  11. You can broadcast your game in real-time.
  12. If you want to resale your game it is possible with PS 4 while in Xbox 1 it’s note.
  13. If material science wise you check both console material PS 4 is far ahead than Xbox 1.
PS 4 has very good specs, console, and controller. There are many superb games available. But Destiny is my favorite game among the top listed games.

Comparing with PS3 it has many changes. Overall you can say better graphics with added feature with a more user-friendly environment.


PS 3
PS 4
Cell Broadband Engine
AMD Jaguar 64 Bit (9x faster than PS3)
256 XDR and 256 G DDR 3 RAM
USB 2.0 x 2
USB 3.0 x3
6 pressure sensitive buttons
12 directional buttons
5x Digital buttons
2 point capacitive touchpad with click mechanism
Camera - 640x480 @ 60Hz, 320x240 @ 60 Hz
Eye camera - 1280x800 @ 60Hz, 640x400 @120Hz, 320x192 @240Hz
Bluetooth 2.0 EDR
Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
IEEE 802.11 b/g WiFi
IEEE 802.11 b/g n WiFi
@ 299$
@ 399$
"Reality synthesizer" @550 MHz 1.8 T-FLOPS floating point performance
1.84 T-FLOPs, AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next Engine
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