How to Use Mobile as Computer Mouse and Keypad

I have seen many wireless mouse and keypad. But all are very much costly. And just few month back I got this free application installed on my mobile. I works for me. So I would like to share my experience with you my friends.

If you are looking for a free wireless keypad or mouse for your desktop at free of cost? If No then just look at the benefits then decide what you want to do.


  • Comfort and easy way to control laptop / PC from distance.
  • Volume Control while watching movie from distance.
  • Protect yourself from Big monitor screen by sitting at distance.
  • Write fast in mobile and get the display in computer
  • Make your document by speaking on mobile and get ready on your computer with smart voice recognition feature.
  • No need to type just speak it which you want to type.
  • Browse the Internet by just speaking the word from your mouth.
  • More reliable with many computer control features and shortcuts key.

Hope now it is yes, then this is for you guys. You need to have an Android mobile. You can use this phone as wireless mouse and keypad. It is very much easy to configure and use. I am using it from last month. It is very much stable and comfortable to use. I will show how to download, install, configure and use it.
Step 1:
Download application from google play. You need to search Winput LITE in search window. You can select the free version of it. Select it and download it. Make sure that you have necessary space available in your phone to install the application. Application size is not much big. It's around 2MB

Step 2:

After downloading make sure that You have configure your WiFi network connection. You can set up wireless router to do the same. connect your mobile with Wireless network.

Step 3:

Download the desktop software for the WInput from the below link. Install it. I will put the application in startup. So you need not to run it after power up.

Step 4:

Go to setting. You can go into setting menu by pressing the option key in your phone. Once you press option you will get the below screen.

Step 5:

Once you enter you can find different options. List of the options and its functions described below. Click on First Step.
First step
This is the action setting option to configure your mobile as wireless mouse. If you are connection through WiFi then you need to make sure that your device / mobile is connection to the computer or laptop via WiFi before entering into this step.

Server setting
This is the setting for the your computer or server.

Layout is for display and orientation setting.

From here you can change the keypad setting like key volume.

click mouse button for mouse setting. like middle mouse button, mouse sensitivity, scroll sensitivity and pinch zoom sensitivity.

Help & Contact
This is for help and instruction.


Step 6 & 7:

After clicking on First Step, You will get the screen number 1 of the setting page. Just press continue button twice move to the screen number 3 which is shown below. Here in the below screen you can see the number 3 on the screen. Turn ON the WiFi if it is OFF. It will show you as the WiFi status. So After turning on it will show you WiFi ON as right green mark as shown in below screen.

Step 8:

Now go for server setting. Press choose server button, which will redirect you to other screen. Which will show you the available WiFi server. If you are using inside your home then you can only one server which is your computer or laptop. It will show you the IP address of the system or computer. You need to select the your computer. It will also show you the name of your computer.

Step 9:

Here in my case you can see the 8440-HP as my computer name and is my computer IP address. Select the 8440-HP computer to make connection with the application.
You are facing problem in this step!!!

Step 9A:

We have solution. You just need to run the Window Remote Service which you have installed from
Once you run the Window Remote Service, You will get the logs like this
Log-data saved to directory 'C:\ProgramData\Banamalon\WinRemoteService\log'.
********** Starting Windows Remote Service **********
[1:28:20 AM] Main service started on port 8655 (TCP)
[1:28:20 AM] Mouse service started on port 8755 (UDP)
[1:28:20 AM] [ERROR] Object reference not set.
See error.log file for more details
Still Problem!!
Then select the Tab Local Network, Setting, or Bluetooth (if connection using Bluetooth). In the Local Network Enable TCP/UDP Connection. In Bluetooth Tab Enable Bluetooth connection.

Step 10:

After configuring the required setting for WiFi or Bluetooth press continue. Then you can get the below screen saying congratulation message.

Mouse setting:

Go to mouse setting and set the required parameter as required by you. Use of mouse is very easy and similar to your mouse pad in laptop. You can change the scroll sensitivity if you need. Pinch zoom and middle mouse button is available.

Keypad Setting

In keypad setting, you can have general keypad to type your message which you can see on the laptop screen. you can type the entire document in word using these. Personally I have used this to write short message. You can also use voice recognition feature in the same application. So you just need to speak which you want to type.
Don't you think this is Interesting!!
I feel it interesting. It will have your time. It is very much convenience also. I feel that it is very much useful in many cases. If your voice recognition is powerful then you don't need any other thing.
I love to do it. You can just give a try..
Keypad screen will the same as your android keypad screen. In paid version of software you can do many things addition to this. But still for normal use this much feature is enough. Look at the below video to get more idea. Application is very much useful in many cases.


  • If your tried and don't want to sit on chair but still want to work then this application is useful. You can sit on bed and use your mobile to control and type the things on computer. You will feel a bit relax.
  • If you are watching movie on your PC or laptop after that many times we need to control the volume. Every time we can not go to change the volume. Again It will take time to reach to computer. If you have this application then you can do it very quickly.
  • Some times our mouse and keypad of laptop will work as expected or breaking of some key will cost you much. To avoid such cases also you can use this application.
  • If your monitor display is bigger and you don't want to sit near to your display to protect your eyes.
  • Now a day many people will prefer mobile keypad and not laptop keypad due to much practice on mobile typing. They will feel more comfort to type on mobile and not laptop. Then this is for you people!

List of other application available for same use:

  • Andro Mouse
  • WiFi Mouse
  • Remote Mouse
  • Ultimate Mouse
  • Blue Mouse
  • Smart Sensor Mouse
  • Mouse WiFi
  • Lazy Mouse
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