How to Make Effective YouTube Video To Get more Subsriber and Approved Adsense

My Journey:

I would like to share my experience with you all who want to get google Adsense. I struggled a lot to get Adsense. For me, it is not an easy task.

Try 1: Using blogger

I made around two / three blogger and applied and got rejected. I don't know anything at that time. I just know that we can make money using blogger. I didn't do any research before applying. so I got rejected.

Try 2: YouTube Videos

When I was in Korea, I had seen many YouTube jailbreak my iPhone. I watched around 30 videos in 7 days. I tried all to recover my iPhone, but I failed to do it in 7 days. Next week I again started watching videos and to jailbreak my phone. Finally, I am able to jailbreak it.

At that time, I got the idea that I should try to make some videos based on my experience to help other people. And a time comes to go back to India. I liked and enjoyed my days in Korea. So I decided to make the video on my life in Korea. I have given the title Life in Korea. After coming to India, I went again busy with my schedule work. I didn't get time to make any video. After around six months when I went back and check about that video. I have seen Video got a 1K view. It inspired me and I made on more video. It got success and got same 1K views.

I continued with making videos. This time, I made videos on the problem which I solved myself. I used all the features available in YouTube to make it as attractive as possible. I don't have the good camera, but still I managed with whatever I have. Now I will tell you what you need to do in YouTube to make the video attractive and useful. I will tell more about problem-solving videos which I did for myself not much about funny, comedy videos. Hope these points can useful to you also to get your AdSense account.

Selection of topic

When people try to watch video on YouTube? When they tried many site and but still they are not satisfied with answers or not able to get what they want. As I said in my case of jailbreaking my iPhone 3G. Like that choose the content which is useful to many people. It could be any things. It could be related to any software or any general-purpose problem. You can describe the functionality of the software and tell the importance of each function. For technical topics, you can make videos on running mobile phones.

  • Review of a new launch mobile
  • How to Jailbreaking and root device
  • Software functionality and its usage, problems and solutions
Now you can ask to describe the software, you either need to capture the screen by your camera or use desktop software which can record your screen. If your camera is good enough to take the screen recording then its fine, Else use any desktop capture software which could do this thing for you. Camtasia is good to use this case.
This kind of tool will give you the base for making videos. Some of the basic features are given below.
  • Region and window base video recording
  • Audio recording
  • Cursor recording
  • Start Pause Stop Available
Region capture will allow you to choose or select the region or part of the screen which you want to show your activity before starting the recording. You can speak and record your audio to tell about the activity you are demonstrating to a user. Cursor recording will help you to point to the region. You can pause the recording in between if some interrupts come in between. Camtasia has many advanced features. You should use some of the features which are very much powerful to make the attractive video.

  • Highlight
  • Cursor effects
  • Zoom in Zoom Out
  • Password Blur
  • Transition
  • Noise cancellation
  • Audio Video separation
  • Call outs
The highlight will allow you to highlight the text or URL part. Same way cursor will give more flexible way to do the same. Zoom in and zoom out has best usage in a recording. You can use transition effects to move out from one topic to another while recording. 

Use Text to voice converter software

If we are not ready with good speech then it will lead to the low quality video. To avoid that you can use voice to speech software, you will give you clear, smooth and loud voice. Many times we will unnecessary pause or words which would be removed this way.

Use Front Camera with Desktop Capture software:

To make the video more attractive, you can set your screen for the proper look with proper windows to capture. If you are recording screen then you can switch on your camera on a laptop so that your movement recorded along with screen activity which could be helpful for a viewer to understand your words in a better way.

Use Window Movie Maker Software after Recording

Using the software, you can combine and split the videos. You can remove the part of the video which is not clear or blank without any information (unnecessary pause due to thinking). You will take pause if you forget to speak about something. You can make the small video with that forgotten part then add it to the base video which you made for it. Microsoft Movie maker will give you best video editing facility. It will allow you to merge and slip the videos also. I will show you all required technique in my next article. You can do the following with Movie maker:
  • Title
  • Timing control
  • Credits
  • Good music or audio track
  • Photo / Video and Text Transition Effects
  • Merging and splitting of videos
  • Visual effects
You can give a meaningful title with good photographs which can attract the people to watch ahead. You can even control timing for each frame or photo. So for the photo with the importance you can give more timing.

You can put your name with Facebook and twitter channel id or next available related video.

Audio Clips

You can make the simple audio clip with good music my own which you can use in required videos. it could be simple tune made by mouth organ or piano.

Photo and text transition

In Movie maker, you can find verity of transition effects for both video and text. It will give you many options as like Microsoft power point.

Use Good High-Quality Camera if Possible, which can capture the texts in screen in easy to read format.

It requires to have the good camera while making the video. People like to watch good clarity videos. If you don't have the good camera then sometimes a user can not see the text and which will create confusion to the watcher. And he may not get you what you mean to say. Low-quality video may get success if a content is good and not available in another video.

Use Animation:

You can use Animated videos to make it more attractive. There are many sites available in which you can make the free animated video. Go Animation is one of the sites where you can make the animated video. You just need to select the environment and type the text. In the environment, you can select the single person or multiple persons talk. It is very easy to make the video there. If you have a text ready then you can build your video in just 20 - 30 minutes. You can find many promotional videos is like that only. This type of video can lead to high-quality video for marketing. Try this!

Desktop recording software - My Phone Explorer

If you are making video for your mobile android application then you need to record your mobile screen, which could be done by desktop software which will allow you to see your mobile screen on your computer or laptop. You can use below-mentioned software to do the same. Before you need to download Android SDK from android developers.

  • MyPhoneExplorer
  • Droid Screen.

After installing a software, you can capture and control your android phone from the computer. There are three ways to connect your mobile with computer or laptop.
  • USB
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
To control your mobile, you need to use USB mode only. Once you connect your mobile with a laptop after that press F1 button and connect it. Please check your mode of connection in setting before connecting. Once you connect your mobile screen will appear on your screen, you can control the display % also. As you can see here I have selected 50%. Below to the screen you can find three buttons that are menu, home, and back keys. If you press there on your computer screen with a mouse after that corresponding effect you can see on your mobile. You can rotate and save the screenshot of your mobile which you can use for making hub or blog for it. I have taken many screenshots for my hubs using this method only.

Mobile Application for Edit your Video: AndroVid & VidTrim

If you are using mobile to record your video then you the application called AndroVid & VidTrim. This application is very much useful to make a video on a mobile device. It has options like merge and slip the video. Add photos and many more which very useful to make the video. If you don't use this application then you need to copy paste your video to your computer and edit it using some other software. I like to use this application as it is easy fast to do it.

YouTube Video Editor

Use YouTube provided features:
  • Use Enhancements
  • Use Annotations
  • Use of proper tags
The enhancement will remove flicker in your video and stabilize up to certain extend. You can control the brightness as per need or you can choose automatically fix it.

You need to use the all the possible tags related to your video. For example, if you have made video for mobile application then you can choose the tags like mobile, phone, cell, apps, application, android (if it has android OS), Samsung (company name).

Annotations are very much powerful tool get more views and more subscribers. If your videos are really a problem-solving videos then you will get comments on it for a query. You can answer them and create a good place for that keywords or topics.

  • Add your Text in Note window.
  • Select the text size.
  • Select color of a font.
  • Select the duration for the note to make the note visible on the screen. From Seconds - To Seconds
  • Mean select the start and end seconds.
  • Link your videos or channels.
Don't use Audio from YouTube

Once you are the partner with YouTube you can monetize your videos. Mean Google will place add-on your videos. If you use audio from YouTube suggested or provided list then that video you can not monetize. If it is not monetized then that video will not take part in revenue sharing. You can not use any song of movies or any other music which can cause copyright issue. Check complete Google and YouTube TOS before making videos. Check out all YouTube video making video which will help you to start making videos.
  • Don't use Copyright material, adult content, use only original content.
  • Don't Click yourself on advertisement else you may ban by Google.
  • Don't ask your friends to click on an advertisement.
Use of loader and clear speech

Prepare the speech before making the video. Make topics, sub-topics and words you are going to use before a start.

Use of front camera while capturing videos

You can use front camera of your laptop while recording your desktop activity. So it will capture your picture as well. You can show and speak which you are going to display. I tried to write all the major points which I want to tell you. Maybe some of the topics we can discuss in my others hub. But still I think this is enough to start with YouTube.

Final Step:

After doing all these, I got good response for my one of the video on the TV tuner. I got 5K views for those videos. After 3 to 4 months, I applied for Adsense and got it approved by Google. I think it needs to have consistent traffic to your channel and not much depends on the numbers of videos. At the time of approval, I have 32 videos and total 15K views. I hope this may helpful to somebody who is looking for google Adsense via YouTube. I also tried with HP to get the Adsense, but I got rejected with 13 featured hubs.

No of Videos
Total Views
Google Adsense Status
1 year
   Need to apply
1 year 6 months
   Need to apply
1 year 9 months
   Need to apply
2 years
   Applied & Approved
I have seen some of the article saying it requires to have 1K view daily which is not in my case. So I can say you can get the Adsense if you have videos with good traffic. Good traffic means it could be more than 100 and constant for more than a month. So make a video with the good keyword which is the key for good traffic. You need to search for the available videos for that keyword also before making a video. You also need to give proper tags while making videos. You need to cover all necessarily required tags which could enter by a user to search your video. I am sure that if could make the video on latest technology usage which will go to launch or just launched in the market then you could great good amount of traffic and subscriber. Proper use of annotations gives you the subscriber to your channel. Overall I can say it is not a difficult task get Adsense with YouTube.

So give your try to take your chance to get it. Don’t gave up!!

Link you site with Adsense:

Once you get Adsense approval mail. Don't forget to link it with your site after that to start earning. If you are doing it from YouTube then go to monetization tab and link your Adsense account with it. After linking only you will be able to start making money out of your videos. It will show your Adsense pub id in YouTube monetization section.

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