How To Book Hotel & Mode of Transport in Goa

Be careful while Booking Hotels and note the following points before starting:
  • Check place or area of hotels in map
  • Check with 4/5 sites before booking. compare the price at the different site.
  • Use coupon codes to get the discount before booking.
  • Use filter according to your budget and specification.
  • Check with a discount with your available credit card.
  • Read the review at different sites.
  • Consult your those friends who already visited that place.
  • Ask for check in /check out time details.
  • You need to check for available transport nearby hotels (bus service, cab/auto rickshaw, taxi, rented bike)
  • Check for surrounding areas in a google map.
  • Check for by Point Of Interest near to hotel in a google map.
  • Prepare the list of place and activity you want to do.
  • Mark all interested place in map and check distance from the hotel.
  • Make the list of place which you want to cover per day.
  • Don't keep your valuables open in hotel rooms.
  • Ask for cleaning daily.
  • Know the common word for their local language.
  • Go in a group to get more discount if possible and book at same time.
  • Check for nearby areas for restaurants, bar or pub (if you like) shopping shop, food shop, electronics shop, beaches.
  • Confirm the facility provided by hotels twice on a telephone and if possible then on mail also.
  • Don't believe in photos showed on internet sites.
  • Facility like reception help, restaurants, daily breakfast (free or chargeable), swimming pool, laundry service, daily cleaning, hot water availability (full-time or partial, source of hot water), TV, Fridge, dressing table, AC, Transport, Airport and bus stop the distance.
  • You can book two different hotels for north Goa and South Goa. Then It will easy for cab booking. So you need to spend less money for the cab.
  • If you book two hotels then advantage of it is that if you don't like then you can move to different hotel and if you like then you can extent with the same hotel provided that the same room is available for coming days.
  • Book the Flight/Train/Bus tickets well in advance.
  • Book the Hotel at cheapest rate online or make direct contact to a hotel for booking.

Pros & Cons for Mode of Transport in Goa Tour

You can visit the complete Goa via three modes of transport
  • Bike
  • Car
  • Bus
Rented car and rented bike mode almost similar. The problem with rented bike mode is only It may lead to unavoidable cost if the accident happens. It may charge you if don't have the valid license for driving the bike. If you make any damage to bike then you need to pay the complete amount to replace the damaged part. Generally it will happen more often with travelers. But Bike has its own happiness than going in-car.

Advantages for Rented Car mode
  • If you visit via car then you can cover places as you want.
  • You can spend the time at a place as you want.
  • You can start late and come late in a night. (These will be helpful to people who is willing to go for pubs and bar in nights for party!!! :)
  • You can travel in the group of your friends or colleagues.
  • You can take photos as much as you want.
  • You can do fun activity or water sports activity at beach.
  • Take dinner in your choice of hotels.
  • Skip the place as per your need.
  • Shopping at your interested place.
  • Change the plan or end the trip in urgent cases.
  • you can listen to music, videos
  • AC is available for you
  • If you are in group of people then cost will go down at affordable prize
Disadvantages of rented car mode
  • Cost
  • It may possible that you can not cover all the places which may good to see. (if your planning or search in not enough)
Advantages of Bus mode
  • If you plan properly you can cover many places in a day.
  • Traveling in the bunch of people.
  • The guide will come with you.
Disadvantage of Bus mode:
  • Need to wake up early
  • Need to go till bus stop via walk or any other mode of transport.
  • The bus will available till 7.00 pm only
  • You need to go to the bus stop to get the other bus.
  • If you miss the bus then Taxi price is too high.. 5km -- 200/300 rs depends on availability.
  • The bus can not go till nearby beach are. you need to walk for some distance to reach to a beach.
  • No choice to see the different place.
Investigate for rented car or bike booking well in advance if you are planning to visit via bike or car.

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