Live Traffic view in Navigation with Anti Theft Protection

Day by Day technology is getting advance. We can't predict the next generation vehicle. You can see the many imaginary show related to vehicle in discovery. Which could tell the future of next generation. All that are concept of making new vehicle better and make the life easy to leave. You can find many patent registered on this. Now you can find many inbuilt facility in the vehicle. Navigation has changed the definition of the vehicle. You can find numbers of patent in navigation. We face problems & then we come across the solution. Now we have a very good and advance technology to avoid the accidents. Still we cannot say all cars are accident free. There is possibility of accident if we will drive carefully. This is the biggest challenge to make it accident free. How can make it? It is difficult to do. Scientist and engineers are giving their efforts to make it work. We can contribute it by adding our valuable inputs to them. I would to share some of my thinking to improve & solve the problems. I don't know whether it is already there in some of the cars or not. But I think that it is feasible to implement and might be useful to some extends.

Real traffic view using front cameras in navigation to prevent accident.

While driving car, we can only see the traffic near & ahead to our car up to a limited distance. In most of the case accident will happens at corner or turning point where more than three roads are touching to each other. To avoid such problems traffic camera with high range can be placed at different places to avoid such accidents.
To project the traffic information front camera image will be processed. Front camera will be placed on the top of the car to maximize the coverage view. To get the full coverage two front cameras is necessary. Both at the top front end of the vehicle. Central rotation camera is placed at top of the vehicle to change the viewing angle. Image from the camera is processed to superimpose on map to get nearby vehicle information.

While pressing turning indicator to left, left turning camera will be automatically on to get the view of left hand side traffic. Camera will identify & measure the object distance will notify the driver. In case of distance less then threshold it will automatically press the break to avoid the accident with big beep sound to notify the driver attention. Turning camera can be converted to front camera also. As it is movable it can be moved to front to left or right. Camera will be placed near to head light. So view in camera will be clear in night also.
Camera can be placed in such a way that it can cover the complete traffic information. Camera coverage angle should be wide to cover the need information. So it is placed in such way that it can be moved to desire angle as and when required. It will be very much helpful in round way or very difficult turn on the way.

Left & right turning camera can be controlled and adjusted to move and set to particular location from the front unit. Video captured from the camera will be added as small screen on top of the map. Or it can be replaced with map.
Front movable camera on just top of the driver will give the same view as driver is watching from his place. Camera view will be distorted by car body part view in the video. So driver will get the complete road view as he is looking from outside the car. This camera will view will be superposed on map on 3D mode to get the real traffic information with near by obstacle or car. While moving in the vehicle this camera will continuously calculate the distance to near by vehicle and obstacles. It will show the distance of near by location on the map. It will provide the instruction to driver if it. We can also capture the image of near by vehicle license plate.

In some of the case where we are turning left but we need to take care of the vehicle coming from the right also, at that time it is difficult manage as we can’t see both side at same time. In this case we can turn on both the camera (left & right). Both video will be captured and combined in such a way driver will get full traffic view running on both the side. Then It will be very much easy to drive and view the traffic running ahead on each side.

Method of anti theft protection for fuel in vehicle.

In many case we have seen that many people or thief will stole fuel from your vehicle. It can be motorcycle, two wheeler, three wheeler, bike or any fuel operated engine.

We need to insert the key to drive the vehicle. Fuel can be consumed while any person is driving the vehicle. In general thief will come to steal the fuel. To avoid such theft we can put one interlock for fuel supply to start or open is that detect of key in the vehicle. If key is inserted then only it will or opens to supply the fuel to engine. Other it will not open the valve and fuel can not be taken from the vehicle.

In country like India and other country where it is frequently found that fuel is stolen from the vehicle. In such condition owner can not monitor their vehicle continuously to prevent fuel theft. It is necessary to make mechanism of method in the vehicle which will not allow the unauthorized user to remove the fuel of out of the vehicle any cases.
Authorized user can by any one which is allowed by the vehicle owner to drive the vehicle. In common cases the person having key to drive the vehicle is authorized until & unless if vehicle is not stolen with key. There are number of way which prevents to steal the vehicle or driving the vehicle by unauthorized person.

There are mainly below conditions in which fuel supply valve need to open to supply the fuel to engine.
  • Driving the vehicle
  • Vehicle in service center for service
  • Remove the fuel in bottle to supply the fuel to other vehicle, storage or any other purpose

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