Interesting Way to Catch the Heart of Your Wife

It is difficult to adapt the new culture and family after marriage for woman. It will take much to settle in new environment and new life style. It is best if you understand the nature of each person. This could not be possible with out support of husband. Husband is the key member to link his wife with other members. It is require to protect and support wife as and when required. You should take care of necessary things required by her. Husband needs to realize the her dreams and expectation from him.

First of all husband, wife and all members needs to understand different in both family in terms of thinking, culture, and economy. Make it transparent at both ends so after it could not result in misunderstanding. Different can be many or less but it is understandable and exceptionable at both end then it will work fine and happily.

Try to fulfil her dream and expectation as possible:
It is responsibility of a husband to fulfil her expectation and dream. You need not take it as overhead. Sometimes wife will tell her expectation and requirement then you need to understand it my her body language. Trust me, it is easy to understand the requirement. You will get sign of it many times. If not then directly ask about it.

Parent vs Wife:
There could be different opinion about the same topics from your wife and your parents. Then you need to behave smartly without giving harm to anyone. You need to protect and respect both at same time. This is a sometimes a bit tricky but still you need to manage it.

Make her feel that she is special in your life
This could be done by appreciating her work in front of your friends. Sharing her role in your achievement. You can give a good comment or compliment when she did well. Try to motivate and encourage for food items prepared by her. Don't be busy always and make yourself available for your wife. space time for her regularly or whenever she required.

Understand her likes and dislikes and use as and when required
If you could have understood well then she can feel that you are taking so much care for her like and dislike. This will create a special for you also in her heart. She will like to do the same for you. You get involve in her problems and try to find solutions. It may be possible that you can involve her in your problem.

Remember dates like anniversary, birthday, first meet first, engagement day or any other important day
You can remember and wish her in your romantic and unique style. You can prepare a special plan for these dates. Gift her and take her out for dating.

Give a gentle smile, kiss and hug while coming back from office
Woman like to listen romantics words regularly. So you can tell Miss you, Love you regularly. This will can her a good feel.

Unexpected surprise or gift
Sometimes you can give surprise by giving any small or items which may she likes. It could be anything like flowers, watch, or any gift items. This could give tremendous happiness to your wife if have chosen the gift appropriately.

Give a beautiful nick name & call her with love

Share though and beautiful moments which you have passed together
It is observed by me that woman like remembers those beautiful moments.

Treat parents from both side equally (Don't do by mistake also)
You can the parent from the both the regularly and ask about health. Ask them come and celebrate with you.

Care is the key
Care is the most important factor to taken care to gain, respect and confidence.

Gain her trust
This could be long process and depends on woman also. Combination of your efforts can give a bonus of trust a gift. It is easy to impress the girl but it is difficult to gain the trust.

Avoid arguments
Try to avoid discussion on such topics in which both has different opinion. Even if you discuss let leave your point before it will gain aggression.

Don't be anger or louder while talking
Try to think before speaking and take a pause. Put yourself in her shoes for a while and speak it later. Analyse and validate after speaking.

Share the work load
If you both are working then try to share the work load equally and appropriately according to choice and nature of individual. Don't force to do certain things which could cause trouble to her.

Don't make your private thing as public if she doesn't like
If she doesn't like to share the certain data then don't make it public.

Don't blame or insult her in front of others

Give Respect & freedom

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