How to Choose Specification of Your New Android Mobile Phone

We always choose the mobile which feet in our budget. And we do compromise between features and brand. People choose the brand and some will choose features. Both has its pros and cons. We will discuss this in details with you. Before starting discussing, I would like to know your views about it. Let give your poll about it.

Thank for your valuable poll. Here I have mentioned the set of questions and tests to check the performance and quality of mobile. So let's start and know your mobile better before you purchase it. 

How to Judge Mobile Quality?

I would like to discuss some of the basic factors which we need to consider while evaluating a performance of any mobile.

Display Size & Display Type:
  • Check actual display size!!
The basic look of any mobile depends on screen size. People have their own preference about screen size. It could be 3.5, 4.0 or may higher also. You need to check the mobile size and display area size.
  • Check display area for camera and video application
Check the actual display are, not the size of the display. You need to check that in camera, or video application. Here comes the difference. In branded mobile, you can see the screen size and display screen size is same but in non-branded you it will not be same. A top or bottom portion of the screen will be covered by buttons. The so actual size of the display will less.
  • Check the display resolution in PPI
You need to ask the display PPI. PPI mean pixel per inch. Display clarity will depend on display type and ppi. ppi greater than 220 can be considered as a good resolution.
  • Check the type of display
It can be of any type like LCD, super LCD, AMOLED. You can get the very good look and feel in AMOLED. If I know then AMOLED screen start with Samsung in Galaxy series phones. I think you can get very good clarity in AMOLED than any other type of display available.
  • Check display brightness.
You should be able to control the display brightness from minimum to maximum. check at the minimum it should be very low which is required to run the battery for more days. You should be able to view the clear video or screen in brighter sunlight and in some lighter places also.

Internal memory:
  • Check internal memory size
It's always first step to looking at Internal memory of a phone. As Internal memory goes high price of the phone will go high. You can not get big internal memory in small range mobile. Internal memory above 16 GB can be considered good. So you can install the application inside the phone memory. Else you need to install the apps in a memory card. This will create a delayed start of mobile.

OS version:

You need to check which OS version it has. As of now latest version of android OS is Jelly Beans. Compare to android previous version ICS and gingerbread Jelly bean will be has better multitasking support. You can have run different application at a time.

Google Talk: 

In ginger bread version, google talk will not support video calling. From ICS onwards it will support the video calling features.


In some the Samsung mobile in gingerbread, camera application will not support zoom functions. ICS onward it will support the zoom feature.
You can find better notification of easy keys in ICS and Jelly bean. For Example you can enable the data/internet from status bar only.

Support and Customer care / service centers:

You need to check the availability of the service center near by your area. check how many year of warranty they are proving with insurance.

Camera and Video:

Camera plays very important role while choosing the mobile. I will tell you how to test the camera quality. You need to answer and check the following questions. You need to ask whether it is full HD or not. In many of the mobile you can view the HD recorded movie but you can not capture the full HD movie or clip. Full HD means 1080 pixel. 720 is not full HD.
  • Check auto focus?
  • Check panorama features?
  • Check for HDR?
  • Check for Multi shot?
  • Flash & Timer function?
  • Check the zoom in after capturing photo. (Full Zoom)
  • Check the brightness after capturing photo.
  • Check the size of the stored image?
  • Check the actual display area while capturing image.
  • Check the viewing angle and coverage area and compare with other phone.
  • Try to open picture with higher resolution and with different format.
  • Check the supported format for audio and video.
  • Check SW/SW encoder in video playing application which is require to some video.
  • Try to download files / images / video from Internet.
Video recording:
  • Check front and back camera with recording.
  • Move the screen fast while recording and check the captured video for fast movements.
  • Check the video to read the book text or computer screen text.
Internet Options:
  • Check the attachment option in email.
  • Check the site which has high multimedia component.
  • Check for notification for facebook.
Reviews on Internet:

Check the reviews on Internet. Don't look at online shopping site review. check the reviews in forums. May be check in mouthshut and gsmarena.

USB connectivity:
  • Check for USB tethering.
  • Check to transfer the data (images ,videos and documents) between phone and computer.
Memory RAM and CPU

It is required to have 1GB or RAM for good performance of your mobile. CPU should be more than 1.2Ghz with dual core processor or higher.

OS Version:

But the latest available version. Currently android 4.1 Jelly bean is latest. You can check the version of android in about phone in setting application.

Drop Box, Sync & backup:

25GB of drop box good enough to store your data. You should be able to sync your mobile with computer. It could be done via USB or WiFi. So you can make sure that your data always has backup all day. For the same reason mobile seller will provide you desktop version of software. You can install it on your computer. For samsung samsung kies is the software. IPhone has itune. Using this kind of software it is very easy to take your back and sync your data. so make sure before purchasing.


Check the transfer of data between
  • phone to phone
  • phone to speaker or handset
  • phone to computer
  • phone to other bluetooth operated device.
  • Check for bluetooth tethering.
  • Check the transfer the of file to your computer or other mobile.
  • Check for WiFi direct.
  • Check for WiFi tethering.
3G/4G support
  • Check for video calling option while making call or in dial pad.
  • Check for type of 3G support for speed 7.2 MBPS

Most of the application will work of all the android smart phones. But still you can have dependency on mobile. like if you don't have from camera then many video calling application will not work. For some application you can find slower response or hang in some mobiles. Check the inbuilt application available with mobile. You can not uninstall the those application until you root your mobile. Those application will remain as it is even if you don't require it. and It will consume unnecessary space in your mobile.

Contact and Backup:
Check contact import / export and backup feature.

GPS Navigation and voice commands:

Check the working of GPS navigation in google maps with voice commands. This way you can check voice recognition, GPS and Internet speed in single time.

Rigidness & toughness:

Generally It is difficult to find good rigidness and toughness in lower range and non-branded mobile will not have .

Previously Used Brands:

Up to some extend it will also effect. if you are buying the phone for any aged person then it is required to have less complex functionality or basic functionality phone.

Some Knows issues / Feature missing:
  • Gallery Restart while watching photos:
I have seen this issue in many Micromax android smart phones. If you are watching big bunch of photos then gallery application will restart automatically. Then again you need to start it.
  • Contact / call issue:
There is feature called auto complete while entering the numbers. In many of the phone you will not get it. Font of the contact list should not be much bigger or it should be controllable.
  • Call waiting issue:
Call waiting is not available in many mobiles.
  • Battery / Heat Issue:
Battery will not run for 1 day also. It require charging in the evening. It is not always possible to charge two times in a day. In some of the mobile you can find the heat problem while charging or talking on phone.
  • Low / Distorted Audio:
Make sure that Audio clarity is good, louder and clear in your mobile. You can check it via audio clip recording. Check the call in traffic. Check ring tone at max level.
  • FM problem:
In many of big branded mobiles, they are not giving FM. So you confirm the FM feature before purchasing the phone.
  1. Check the quality of FM.
  2. Check the recording feature is available of not.
  • Vibration while typing keys:
It is really not required to vibrate the mobile while typing keys. You should be able to disable the vibration for key typing.
  • Font size:
There should the three options for font size. Medium, small and large. Fixed size and type of fort will not always feet.
Now final step is to check the price. To check the price got to mysmartpice. Enter the mobile name which you want to buy. Now you can see the list of online shopping site with price details. You can see the price delivery time and trust ratio of the site. Based on all this information you can book your mobile online. You can buy it from any nearest store also if you don't want to wait for it.

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