Things to Know Before Buying Property in Karnataka

List of things we need to know before buying property, flats or house.

  • Price
Price will be always taken as the major factor to decide the range of our lower & upper limit. We need to think and plan about it advance. Else it will deal with problem with your daily expense which much needed to live easy going life.
  • Basic cost / Parking cost/ Maintenance cost/ Amenities cost/ Registration cost/ VAT/Legal Charges
You need to calculate the individual cost for each factor. Basic cost, parking cost & Registration cost. Check & verify the calculated value with the price mentioned by the builder. Generally maintenance cost 2 years will be considered by a builder. After that committee, a member will decide the price. It will around 1-3 rs per square feet.
  • Check the Titles of the properties whether it is OK or any queries are to be rectified?
  • Floor plan
Check everything in a floor plan, Room size, shape; dimensions and co-relate it with your available furniture. The floor plan should be such that you should get enough ventilation & lighting. There should be balcony & utility area to get proper space. You need to check the entrance facing for the flat. Check Dining space, kitchen space, bathroom size. Drawing room should be large enough to accommodate your household stuff. Light is most important in drawing room as you will spend your most of the time in a Drawing room.
Check whether the plan is approved by competent authority.
You will get the service or facility according to approval from the government. It is important to have water, electricity facility. It is very important to obtain the completion certificate from the competent authority before the possession of the property is to be obtained.
  • Utility area
Utility Area should have the width more than 3.5 feet.
  • Balcony
Ideally you need to have the balcony in each bedroom. but It will add additional cost. each builder & buyer will not prefer to have the balcony. many people even don't need it or use it. So in such cases it is not required to have the balcony and you can make the room larger. As said with utility area size, here also balcony width should be more than 3.5 or 4 feet. So probably two to three person can sit to relax and see the outside activity. Outside view of the balcony is very much important. Many builders are charging premier charges for the balcony view only. They will charge per square feet area. So if it really matters to you then diffidently you need to check this carefully. If outside view is swimming pool, shopping mall, open nature area, park, garden, children play area. or anything attractive then this can be considered as the good view.
  • Ventilation
You need to see the ventilation area and size of the ventilation area, duct area which can give you more ventilation. If ventilation area size is not big then you will not get sunlight in your home. A good builder will only give more space for ventilation area. The construction Quality & price will differ here for the same square feet area. You need to consider the duct and OTS area placed in between different walls. Check for the duct area size in a bathroom.
  • Lighting
Sunlight will automatically come if a builder has provided good ventilation. In 3 BHK, it is difficult to provide lighting in each room if ventilation & OTS area is not planned properly.
  • Payment method & schedule or payment
  • Location – Locality
Locality is the most important part to decide your house. You need to check the near and surrounding area before buying. The choice will vary from person to person. General view says that family people will prefer to be in the complete residential area while bachelor and students will prefer to live near to the market area where everything is easy to access. Locality should match with your current status. If people from the same background or field are living in that area then it is preferred. Please check the neighbors near by to your property - class of people, family members, a number of children, cast, region and their nature for amicable and happy livelihood. So that our living will not affect adversely.
  • Inner Road size
Inner road size will play the important role while you are shifting your language to your house or if someone is coming to your location. Road size should be big enough to handle the movement of 3 to 4 cars. Road should be proper else during rain it will create mud. There should not be slop.
  • Distance from Main Road
We need to take off this distance as it will decide traffic issue. It will also decide auto, bus, taxi access. It should not be more than 3km. It traffic to nearby streets is high then we need take this into account.

  • Water facility
Water is a basic need of all people. We can not survive without water. So if water is not coming daily you will struggle on the daily basis. Additionally it will cost you extra amount to bring water to your place. If you are living in Bangalore then check the availability of Kaveri water availability.
Check the number of bores well in a property against the number of flats or houses.
  • Build Quality / Condition of the Building
It is highly recommended to check the builder name & quality of finished projects. It is required to finished 2/3 projects minimum. Do online research about the builder. check the review, rating of the builder. Make a list of opinion with pros and cons. clarify this with the builder in written.

  • Consult Advocate / Lawyer:
Get the property documents & MOU verified by the lawyer. Mark the suggested points mentioned by advocate & rectify it on or before time without making prior payments.
  1. Documents likes
  2. Land documents
  3. Registration documents
  4. Approval documents / Approved Plan
  5. NOC copy from different departments for number of floors
  • Do Online research
Go to Google, and do the basic search with different sites other than builder site. is a very good site for review and rating. there are many sites which will provide the review for the builders only. you can check those sites. call the people who have mentioned good/ bad comments, get the feedback. Make a list with pros and cons. Ask all the questions to builders.

  • Rain harvesting
  • Battery Backup / Generator
  • Near by Area
You need to check the nearby area just like the lake, malls, market, schools, slum area, Chicken shop, hospital, police station.
  • Nearby Building / Distance between nearby building
You can check the distance between nearby building for ventilation, lighting, nuisance, pollution.
  • Square feet area
  • Super Build up Area 70% 75% 80%
  • Facing – North / East / West / South
You need to check the facing because generally south facing is not preferred and not good according to Vastu.
  • Floor availability for flat
Floor availability is very much important as compared to health, ventilation, lighting, view, weather. Different people will choose different floors as per their convenience & like.
  • Parking Area
  • Bathroom attached – Common
  • Safety
  • Construction date
  • Approval date
  • Possession Date
  • Status of the Builder / CREDAI
  • Maintenance cost
  • Common wall / Independent wall
Reputed builder will only provide the independent wall. The cost for the independent wall construction will increase the price of the property.
  • Total Number of Floors
  • Availability of flat at which floor?
  • Build / Open Space
  • Corner Flat
  • Dimension and shape
  • Corridor and staircase quality & width
  • Open To Sky Area
  • Lift
Check the number of lifts and carrying capacity of the lift.
  • Gas connection
  • Internet Facility
  • Market / Shopping Malls / Shopping Area
  • Distance from Work location
It will increase your daily expense and struggle. So check twice before selection.
  • Furnished / Semi furnished
Amenities :
The number of amenities goes high, the price of the properties will increase. check your needs against the available amenities and amount charged.
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Club House
  • Park / Garden
  • Party Hall
  • Jogging Park
  • Multi Purpose Hall
  • MP theater
  • 24 hours Security
  • Intercom / Video
  • Reception
  • Bus access
  • Auto access
  • Near by Market
  • Train, Airport Access
  • Hospital
  • School
Loan Availability:
  • Home Loan from bank or other institution
  • Personal Loan:
Check the personal loan interest with different banks. Confirm the period or number of years for repayment. Match the installment amount with your ability to pay.
  • Loan Against PF contribution
  • PF withdrawal
  • PPF withdrawal (You can withdraw 50% of the amount after completion of the 5 years)
  • Loan against LIC policy
  • Loan against existing property.
  • Loan from Staff credit cooperative society
Repayment Capability
We should judge our source of income and then commensurate it with our day to day requirement and then finalize the property deal.


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