Android over iPhone? Which one you like Android or Iphone?

Now a day market is so dynamics. Before the launching of Android IPhone or iOS is leading or domination the market condition. Apple has Hugh market share and now its changing day by day. People are changing their mindset and going for android handset then iPhone.

Do you think android is capturing market and revenue of iPhone?

I think it's yes. Samsung has changed the definition of smartphone. You can see the Samsung smartphones in all ranges starting from 6K INR to 50K INR. iPhone is losing its control over a market. Let see why people are equally preferring android phones as compared to iPhone.


The first argument against android is phone made by apple that is highly stable, bright material, great looks. okay okay, I agree with all this. Apple is great and having all this features. Apple has maintained its performance. Now come Android, Android is also managed by great google. Due to open source android picked up the fast and rapid development in short term of time. Now Android phones are providing all the features that iPhone having. In fact, you can say much more features they are giving then iPhone. So If you compare as a brand then android is also good. Samsung, HTC and LG are good brands in Android phones.

Cost and performance:

The cost of any branded higher end smartphone will be less than iPhone.even you can get more internal memory in the same range which could be very much useful for you. In a cost of iPhone, you can get processor of 2quad core in Samsung galaxy s4 with 2GB of RAM which is necessary for the good performance. In android latest version Jellybean you can get amazing speed to operate with good multitasking support. Good notification bar.

If you have a budget of 10 - 20K then it would be not possible for you to buy iPhone. You have to be with Android. You can choose your android phone based on the features you like to have. Samsung has android phones in all ranges. Due to changing market and availability of new features regularly it is better to change the phone after every one year. In such cases, I would prefer to have less cost mobile rather than very expensive mobile. Android provides such things.


Personally I feel display and touch are better in iPhone than any Android smartphone available in the market as of now.

Size, Shape & Display

In many of android, you can find ISP or MOLED display. You can get super LCD also. There is variety of display available. There are many different sizes available. Its start from 3 inches displays to 5-inch display. All size of a screen is available. You can go for a different shape of phones. Galaxy s duos, grand has side curve display. It is easy and convenient to put curve edge / corner phone in a pocket rather than a flat edge.


In android phone, it depends on which mobile you are using. If you have the phone with 8mp or better than yes sure you can capture the better picture with android than iPhone. You can get features like multi-shot, HDR in android. I don't know about iPhone they will provide it or not.


I compared the speed of The internet in both in tandem. I fee that android is comparatively faster than iPhone. I have seen the same in a video in YouTube with same Internet source using WiFi I am able to stream it in android but in iPhone it is buffering for more time.


iPhone will automatically sync the data with your configured PC over WiFi. This is good but still sometimes it may create a problem.


iPhone will not support more for its older models. even you can not upgrade it. You can get support for android phone very easily.

If you compare android and iPhone for resale then iPhone is the better choice. As day by day price of the android phone is going down because of upcoming new models.


It is easy to repair the android phone. even you parts of the mobile also you can get easily if you have repurchased mobile of any standard brand like Samsung, HTC or LG.

Keys and Menu layout:

Menu layout of android is better and easy for a user because of more than one key. in iPhone sometimes it is difficult to manage with the single key. Multiple keys make it much more easy to use and navigate from one application to other.


I can say both sides you can get similar application but somewhere you can find more application in android. You can find much free application which is very much useful in android google play. Due to vast development and profit in an android application, much big companies came with this. The Even small developer can contribute too.


HTC comes up with gorilla glass. Which is very much rigid and durable.

External accessory:

I will say for external accessory iPhone is better than android. iPhone has very good external accessory in the market. External keypad, earphones, speaker and many more available. But within next few months I can see the range of external accessory for android also.

It is not easy to replace the battery iPhone while in android it is easy. In some of the android, you will find battery issue. So better you can check the battery backup before buy. I have seen Samsung galaxy series mobile having good battery life.


You need to verify the in internal memory and max SD card support. I think in iPhone you can not have SD card support. 

Root or Jailbreak:

It is easy to root the android device or mobile. But It is difficult to Jailbreak some of the iPhones. If you do some mistake then difficult to boot up again. In an android market, you can find plenty of application which can root your device.

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